Psychiatry -- Breaking Bonds

An Inexact Science…

Most of medicine is cut and dry from what I have learned from my brother and sister – both doctors.  It you are diabetic then you are often prescribed insulin to regulate your blood sugar.  If you have high blood pressure, medications known to work are prescribed that will bring the pressure levels down effectively.  Psychiatry is not so cut and dry.  Psychiatry is often used to control and regulate abhorrent social behavior more so than an illness of the brain.  That has been my experience with psychiatry.  I was a heavy drinker for years trying to quell the pain I was experiencing emotionally.  The caused me to often “act out” and get in trouble socially as the drinking would effect my thinking processes and my inhibitions. Drinking sessions would often find me combative and surly with regards to my loved ones.  From an early age as a young man, my doctors and family have tried countless and I mean countless medications to control this socially abhorrent behavior thinking I was mentally ill instead of just having a substance abuse problem.  Many diagnosis were made over the years from obsessive compulsive, to severe depression, to bipolar, to schizophrenic.  As I became more ensconced in the psychiatric system, more and more medications were tried and added in an attempt to control these behaviors to the point I was a zombie and my families’ and doctor’s goals were obtained.  I could no longer function in the world.  I was mentally and emotionally a void.  The socially abhorrent behavior stopped, but I was essentially no longer able to live a full and rich live that I so deserved.  My family was happy to finally have some peace and quiet for a few years at great expense to me. 

Yes, there are people with severe mental illness, but the efficacy of the many drugs prescribed is still up in the air.  I’ve read a lot of blogs and journals on mental illness and many to most patients were still experiencing symptoms even on high dosages of antipsychotics.  The brings me to the conclusion that psychiatry is an inexact science.  There are no medical tests for mental illness.  Doctors often prescribe extremely strong medications based on information the family or patient tells them alone.  When one medication doesn’t work then they will try another and another often taking months of experiencing extreme side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

The recent “scourge” of children who are ADHD or ADD also interests me.  This is just another method of social control – many to most of these children being misdiagnosed.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a study of most of these children being male – boys being more rambunctious and energetic.  Psychiatry and drug companies have created a disorder for these troublesome children and developed medications that will subdue them and quiet them.  I feel this will be looked back upon as one of the greater mistakes as far as parenting is concerned for our current generation of people on this planet.     

Psychiatry, in my opinion, is still in it’s infancy.  There is much more to be learned about the brain – the most mysterious of all our many organs.  There have been some recent studies with CAT scans and MRIs of the brain where doctors hope to see what part of the brain is malfunctioning in mentally ill people.  My hopes are that they will develop tests for mental illness so people like me aren’t misdiagnosed and heavily sedated for years in error.