Jonathons Guide to Twitter

Twitter has been an interesting ride lately.  I don’t “tweet” nearly as much as most of the people I am following do, but I do try.  I’ve learned a few things  that, for me, make Twitter a more enjoyable place to visit and chat.  Here are some of those things…

  • 4Square – You either love it or you hate it.  I am under the assertion that it is a stalker’s paradise – them being able to follow your every move.  If you have a popular blog read by hundreds, there’s a good chance a few people will become obsessed with you.  4Square allows them to know exactly where you are at when you tweet your location.  The 4Square tweets are also aggravating to me for some reason.  I don’t want my timeline cluttered up with the fact your eating at McDonald’s.  I will unfollow you unless you are a close friend and I can’t live without you.
  • Socialization – Little cliques form on Twitter.  I am currently involved with a support group of people who have a lot of problems with mental illness. If a person is having a problem for the day, we will all rally around them tweeting away for hours until they get to feeling better.  It can be abused though by “attention whores” – people who are lonely and just seeking attention from many. 
  • Link Linkers – There is a certain class of people on Twitter who will read say Digg and then tweet what they read – posting countless links to articles and websites.  These people are extremely annoying.  If I wanted to read Digg then I would.  I don’t need you to tweet to me what’s currently trending on Digg, Monkey Filter, or Mashable.
  • Mental Illness Link Linkers – these are an even more egregious class of link linkers – posting countless links to boring scientific articles and studies on mental illness only interesting to psychiatrists -- often contradicting themselves with their articles.  I will unfollow these people faster than shit sliding down a Teflon coated sheet of ice.
  • Be Yourself – I have found the most interesting people to read on Twitter are your average Joes that tweet about their daily lives.  What their kids are doing.  What movie they are seeing that night.  What they are cooking for supper.  I love these little mundane details about a person’s life.  I could care less that Lady GaGa is snorting cocaine or that Michael Jackson’s corpse has been reincarnated.