Free Cool Software

* Linux Ubuntu – Linux Ubuntu is a free operating system based on the Linux kernel. I can dual boot between Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my main computer these days and find myself using Ubuntu much of the time when I am just browsing, twittering or listening to music.

* Windows Live Writer – I couldn’t blog without this. It is as easy as opening the program, writing a post in a expansive window of view, and hitting publish. None of that wonky Blogger dashboard bullshit. I rarely even open the blogger dashboard these days.

* Mozilla Thunderbird – I use this as my email program. I have Outlook 2007 and found it bloated and hard to use. Thunderbird is simple, does the job, and checks all my email accounts.

* Gimp – I use this to edit my photos these days. I have a trial copy of Photoshop, but wasn’t about to pay 600 dollars or more for a photo editing program. Dad would crap in his pants if I asked for such a thing.

* iTunes – iTunes is free, but most people think you have to have an iPod or an account to use it. I will admit it is one of the more bloated programs I use, but I do use it to organize my extensive music library. It is easy to categorize by artist and album with the program.

* TweetDeck – I couldn't live without this as far as Twitter is concerned. It helps me keep up with when I am mentioned and my direct messages which I can be bad about checking. It is fun to watch people Tweet all day – their desires, their likes. It’s an interesting place to be.

* Seesmic's Twhirl – Twhirl is also a great Twitter client that I have been using a lot lately. I like that it has built in spell checking which is a godsend for such a terrible speller like me.