The All or Nothing Manifesto -- Goals

The All or Nothing Fellow – Goals for the Future

I have often been described as an all or nothing fellow.  It has proven to be a Catch-22 over the years -- working well to my benefit and both my detriment at the same time.  I guess a more simple way to describe me is that I am a perfectionist at heart. I will either do it the best way and or I will flounder in indecision and idleness.  For years, I was ensconced in a severe medication induced malaise -- unable to take control of my life. The main symptoms of mental illness are social abhorrent behavior which I often displayed with zest over the years. I realized it was okay to be a little crazy and eccentric lately and it has been one of the turning points of my life as I came off all those psychotropic medications that kept me so shackled all those years. I have faced in inordinate amount of opposition from my family in doing this, though.  Especially from my father who is a pharmacist and firm believer in taking medications and their benefit to society at large.  In an all or nothing fashion, here are some of my goals for the future...

  • To be cigarette free for one month and then the skies the limit.
  • To be off of Social Security Disability by May.
  • To continue to control my bulimia successfully and eat normal meals and not binge.
  • To continue to unravel the dependent tendrils my family has over my life.
  • To have three month’s living expenses saved up in my saving’s account.
  • To have a $1000 dollar emergency spending fund for my lawn care business.
  • To continue to build my lawn care/home improvement business to eventually quit my job at Wal-Mart and support myself fulltime independently.
  • To save the money to buy an Apple iPad.
  • To prove to my father that I am a responsible grown man and that I deserve all the rights and respect that come with such responsibility.
  • Get my medications under my control with a new doctor.
  • To be psychotropic medication free before Christmas.
  • To be fully out of the psychiatric system which I so disdain and abhor by Christmas as well.
  • To build a relationship with my brother and sister by calling them on a regular basis.
  • To build a more supportive relationship with my mother and to help ease her dependence on my father.
  • To buy my house from my father or succesfully get it in my name.
  • To continue to be debt free!