Sunday, September 12, 2010

This and That…

  • Well, it is safe to say that most of you think anonymous comments are a bad idea. I will leave them off for most likely permanently. If you want to comment, then sign up for a Google account.

  • Stacey asked me to help her get out of debt last night. I was overjoyed to help – often worrying about her tendency to frivolously charge items on her many credit cards. She loves to shop for clothes and jewelry online. I told her it is going to take probably a year, but we could do it.

  • Mom called me last night complaining about dad’s obsessive football watching habits. I smiled. I don’t much care for watching the games, but I will keep up with the scores on  Dad and my brother are just fanatical about it, though.

  • I cooked mom’s spaghetti last night and it was delicious. I made a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and toasted some barbecue bread. Stacey has decided this is her favorite recipe of mom’s.

  • Stacey is in the bed at the moment with Caramel and Sadie. Maggie got up with me and is lying on the bed in my computer room. She insists on staying in any room I am in. She is my constant companion with Caramel being more aloof about such things.

  • I was overjoyed tonight when I found out how to change the resolution on my HDTV to it’s non-native resolution. I have it hooked up to my computer as my main monitor and this gives me extremely much more screen real estate. I was so happy and it is like having a whole new computer.

  • I am passingly listening to Coast to Coast AM at the moment. They are talking about some “monkey virus” and the death of Sonny Bono not being an accident. I am not entirely interested in tonight’s program, but listen out of habit.

  • I am still enjoying my iPad. I had to yank it out of Stacey’s hands last night as we lay in the bed browsing. I am going to buy her one for Christmas. She loves it. It is really great for just browsing the web, which is mainly what I normally do. I use my laptop and main computer to update the blog.

  • I spent a long time yesterday putting together another second hand computer out of parts I had lying around. I’ve got it connected wirelessly in the den where I can stream the music off my 2 terabyte drive in my main computer to my surround system in that other room. Stacey says I am obsessed with computers just like my ex-wife always used to say. 

  • I am trying to decide what I want for Christmas. I have $500 dollars to spend. I am thinking a new digital surround system for my computer and a new sound card. I listen to most of my music through my computer these days.

  • I mowed two lawns for $50 dollars late yesterday afternoon. It was just sweltering, though. I was glad to finish and get home to start supper and see Stacey.

  • I am about to drive over to get my six diet Cokes for the day. This is one of the more pleasing ritruals I experience everyday. I love the early morning drive as I listen to the CD du jour.  

  • I was toying with the idea of quitting taking my Risperdal. I am on only 2mg per night now.  I was on 8 1/2 miligrams at one point. I feel it makes me feel tired and fatigued. I just want to be off all these medications. As my medication levels continue to drop, I feel better and better as each week passes. I can be so impatient.


Gulf Coast said...

I tried to send an email...just hate it when I type one and then lose it. =(

I searched my favorite recipe site ( barbeque bread. It is not there. Can you send me the recipe? I am a big barbeque fan and would love to try this bread that you have frequently with your meals. thanks and great posting.

Tee said...

That is a great goal for Stacey to get out of debt. A good book for her would be "Total Money Make Over" by Dave Ramsey. He's the best on finances I've ever read and I've read them all.

I wish I had half your computer skills. You could have a computer repair business with all your skills.

Talk to your Dr. before stopping your meds. She might want to drop it to 1mg before you are off it completely.

Lena said...

Oh dear, none of my business. None what so ever... but red flag about helping Stacey out of debt if that means helping her financially.

Like I said none of my business, yet I state an opinion, go figure.

Syd said...

I do write my blog using iPad whe I am on the boat. Download the app Blogpress. It allows photos and is great for doing a blog. So many cool apps. Have you got Planets yet?

Cyotteeflower said...

Oh boy Jonathon.Oh boy oh boy oh boy.I'm with Lena on this financial bailing out.So much so that I had an immediate physical reaction when I seen the words on FB.I know you love her but this is NOT something she should be asking of you,especially this early in the game.BIG red flag.HUGE!You will be throwing your money away because the amount of money she makes is not her problem.The amount of money she spends is her problem and I can absolutely promise you that if you bail her out she will be right back in debt within months.Better to tell her that you will be happy to help after she has proven to you she can change her shopping addiction.I hope you are not mad at me but I know something about this.None of us want you to be used by Stacy and you don't want to put yourself in the position of feeling used.Please,you have worked too hard.And doesn't she make more money than you anyway?Please rethink this!

justLacey said...

Dave Ramsey is good, but for me he is a little on the overly religious side. I prefer Clark Howard. I do listen to both though and have gotten some excellent advice. I too and trying to work myself out of debt and create a savings. It will be harder now that I will be unemployed, but hopefully it is only temporary and this time I will find a job I love, working for someone I actually like and that likes me.
I always love your this and that posts.

glittermom said...

please talk to your dr. before going off any meds...You never know if it can cause a problem..didnt you go off before and started having terrible anxiety attacks?Dont be in such a hurry to get off all your meds..You have come a long way so far..slow and steady win the race...

glittermom said...

MSNBC did a documentary on prisons..last night they were at Holman Prison in Alabama..I wondered if thats where George was..

Beth said...

Ditto glittermom on the meds. Your psychdoc has really helped you to get off so many meds; please trust her to guide you through and DO NOT take that particular issue into your own hands. It got you dosed up with an injection last time, remember?

You're tired and fatigued because you work hard and you're still adjusting to the new work schedule! Duh. Patience!

And while I did not interpret Stacey's asking you to help her get out of debt as asking you for a loan, others did. Do not lend money to anyone. Helping her through creating a budget, a plan, and helping her resist her temptations is wonderful and supportive. Giving her money to pay off her debts is not. She needs to do this herself, with your encouragement, in order to truly learn how to live within her means.

We just got an iPad; it is with my hubby who is on a business trip, but I'll get it for a trip of my own in a few weeks. We've named it 'Steve.' It is WAY cool.

And as far as obsession with football is concerned: your dad lives in ALABAMA. I've NEVER known more rabid fans than the 'Bama/Auburn ones. I think there's something in the water...

Rita Mosquita said...

I agree with several comments on here. The way to help Stacey is not by giving her money or paying her bills. The way to help her is to have her gather up her bills, total them up, put them in order by highest interest rate, or smallest balance first. Then look at all of her expenses and determine what she has left on any given pay day and put it ALL on the debts. Also, she could have you hold her credit cards for safe keeping in case she is tempted to use them. Or, she can freeze them in the middle of a big cube of ice so that it will take some work to get at them.
I did this personally a few years ago, listing all my debts and putting all extra money toward the debts. I did not go shopping unless it was absolutely necessary. That happens to be something that has really stuck with me now that I have paid off all those bills. I just don't go shopping unless I absolutely have to. I now have a growing savings account! If I want something, I have to save for it.
That is my 2 cents for how to help someone else get out of debt. Giving anyone who has debt money only feeds their addiction. Shopping and being in debt is like an addiction. I remember shopping and feeling a rush. Not anymore!
Best wishes for being out of debt, Stacey and everyone!