Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That Shifty Guy in Aisle Three…

I learned long ago working in convenience stores and in a retail pet store that if a customer is spending a lot of time watching the clerk, then he or she is most likely up to something no good.  A man was in my department early this morning and every time I looked up from my laptop he was watching me to see if I was watching him.  Fortunately, almost all items in the electronics department have RFID (radio frequency identification devices) chips in them.  Anything he would steal would set off the alarms at the front doors as he walked out.  This didn’t stop him from eyeing me closely, though.

“Do you need any help?” I finally asked him.

“Oh, I am  just browsing,” he told me looking passingly at all the cellphones we had on display.

I finally ignored him and would just let him do his worst – expecting the loud glaring noise of the alarms going off as he left which never happened.  I guess he got cold feet.  

Jim showed up again around 3am to purchase his deli sandwich and orange juice.  We talked a lot about reforming Social Security.  He said his worst fears were that a Republican administration would get in the next election cycle and privatize it.  I echoed his fears.  I assuaged his worries some telling him Social Security was solvent into the 2030’s.  We still have lots of time for reform.

It was another very slow night, but I didn’t mind.  I didn’t sleep very well yesterday and was groggy all night – drinking lots of diet sodas to stay awake. I spent much of my time this early morning learning all the myriad of cellphone service plans we have to offer – my weakest link to my job in electronics.

Mexican Tuesday’s…

Mom stopped by last night with two big containers of chicken fajitas, chips and salsa and two of the largest cups of sweet tea you have ever seen.  The hot and fresh fajitas smelled so good that I left the mushroom and chicken in the fridge choosing to save it for tonight.  Stacey and I ate our meals and soon curled up in the bed to “talk”.  It was a one sided conversation as just lay on the bed and listened to all of Stacey’s worries and fears – mainly about her children.  She doesn’t get to see them as often as she would like with her mom living near Atlanta.  She has to work all the time and it is hard to schedule visits. 

“I’ve been thinking of getting a vasectomy,” I told Stacy at one point getting in my two cents.  “I’ve been musing over this idea for many weeks now.  I don’t think I ever want children of my own.”

Stacey grew alarmed saying that if we were to get married then she would like to have a child by me.  She pleaded with me not to do anything rash that I would regret later.  We will just have to see how I feel about it in a few more months. 

Tomorrow is the Big Day…

“Monte is driving us down in my sister’s van Thursday,” Mrs. Florene told me on the phone last night. “I am so excited I am about beside myself.  I have just been so stir-crazy for many months without George home. I spent some time cleaning his room and washing his sheets today in preparation.  I also got his Internet service hooked back up.”

“Tell Monte the prison is easy to find,” I told Mrs. Florene. “Just take a right at the Atmore exit and the prison will be on the left a few miles down the road.”

“Do you think he will get parole?” Mrs. Florene asked me, wanting words of encouragement.

“Yeah,” I said. “I think he will.  I have the highest hopes that we will have him home this weekend.”

George’s letters from jail lately have been so optimistic.  He says he paces his jail cell passing his days in excitement and nervousness – loving the intermissions for meal call.  He wrote me yesterday saying that one of his biggest joys this past few months was getting my often daily blog posts I have been mailing him.  That made me feel so good. 


Peg McGuire said...

Just so you know--Most of the Republican Social Security proposals raise the retirement age for people just entering the work force -- not for people close to retirement. The proposals leave disability alone. Period. If you're disabled, SS will still be there for you. The proposals also allow for people to choose if they want to roll part of their social security taxes into their 401(k) accounts. You can choose not to if you'd rather trust the government with your money.

Social Security is a hot button issue and people rarely read the fine print. For the vast majority of Americans, Social Security will not change -- unless they choose differently. Read the proposals and bills and stop listening to the politician's sound bites.

Sharon said...

You're a wonderful friend for George to have. Not only are you optimistic about his release, but you've arranged a job for him. I'm sure he feels very blessed to have you as a friend, and you've made Ms. Florene very happy too. I'm glad to see lately that you have learned to appreciate the good things about yourself and to fight for your happiness. You're truly an inspiration.

Syd said...

Stacey is talking marriage?? I guess that is what so many think. But with two children that she doesn't have custody of, what is to be gained by having another? I think that there are too many people in the world now. Sorry to have a mini-rant but I have decided that it's not the birth that is important but the life thereafter.

Mary K said...

Imma gonna agree with Syd here somewhat. I know Stacy wants to get custody of her children back. And that's what she should focus on - not worrying about future babies that she might have if y'all get married.
Brian and I never wanted kids from the get go, but had to do some serious soul searching and talking when I started taking the mild chemo for my RA. Family planning took on a whole new meaning because if we were ever going to "spawn" (hehe) the time to do it would be before I started on the drug regimen to control the RA.
We decided against it for many reasons. But the main one was if that only one of us wanted a child that wasn't a good reason for the other person to go along with it. It had to be a mutual decision and agreement on both of our parts because bringing a child into the world is a big deal. I'm a firm believer that it takes two (or more) people to raise a kid. And I think the parents should make a commitment to at least stay together until the child is of age although I recognize that it isn't possible in all cases.
There's also a lot more to being a parent than contributing biological material.
So, I wouldn't worry about it right now so much but if I were you I'd encourage Stacey to focus more on the children she already has and getting more involved in their lives.
I know you've mentioned it before, but how do feel about the possibility of being a stepfather? I don't know any particulars about Stacey's sitch, but it would seem that in her goal to regain custody a stable home environment would be a good jumping off point. It's obvious from the way she talks about them that she loves them very much.
And that up there is a whole bunch of words I just typed. :D

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Already have my fingers crossed for tomorrow - George getting his parole will also release his mom and you from burdens you've both been carrying, too!

Boy, you certainly adjust to change quickly! you've gone from such extreme apprehension about this new job to being pretty comfortable in just a few days! Another hurdle overtaken!!

The relationship situation is also being handled really, really well. I think you're dealing with it correctly by going one step at a time. You have each got things that need to get ironed out individually before you even consider what's going to happen in the long run as a couple.

Keep marching on, my dear friend! You look to be going in the right direction with all of it!

Happy Wednesday!

amelia said...

You are doing better with your life than most people I know including me!!!
How did anyone ever think you were mentally ill?

justLacey said...

Children are a huge responsibility and very time consuming. As they get older they are sometimes not even all that pleasant. You might want to stick with the dogs at this point in your life. I agree with most of the other comments that Stacy should be focusing on the 2 beautiful girls she has and regaining custody of them and not planning for more at this point. How do you think that would make them feel to not be able to come live with their mom and know she is having another baby? Sometimes we have to put our wants aside for what is best for everyone. I think your thoughts on this are probably where they should be. Enjoy your new life for now and see where it takes you later. Love your little coffee bean background!

Beth said...

Add my two cents to the comments that support Stacey's focusing on her existing children rather than on future ones. That's rushing into things rather a lot, perhaps, since you've been together only a couple of months. Just keeping yourself sane and healthy is a big job, y'know, and when you add children to the mix, your own needs and wants pretty much need to take a back seat-- for the next 18 years!

I had to chuckle at justLacey's comment about children not being that pleasant as they get older! Adolescence can be a very trying time, and even as adults there are times I don't much like my children and have to remind myself how much I wanted them originally.

It sounds like you're doing well. I know there is lots unsaid too, but you're moving ahead one day at a time. Don't lose sight of that!

pattycakes said...

i agree , dont let stacy talk you into anything including marriage. only you should decide about having more children .she has two she cant take care of , why would she want more . makes no sense. you are doing so wonderfully now dont mess it up , dogs are enough to take care of . you are doing so wonderfully well , but its only been a short while for you to get used to so many things you havent had before . so easy does it . hope george makes you proud at his new job .
have a great nite and i know u will do well , you are very smart and you love to learn things :)

Gulf Coast said...

Please post as soon as you find out anything about George.....we are rooting for him and his release.

Summer said...

I'm so excited for George! Let us know soon!

kristi said...

Children are expensive! I can attest to that, and I have teen daughter. Stacey has two girls,...just wait, they are a challenge! Three women and one man (you) will be tough. Trust me!
If you want a vasectomy, get it. I had two kids, got my tubes tied and it was the best decision I ever made.

I am so excited for George. Please let us know something as soon as you know. I understand how Ms. Florene feels, my nephew has been locked up for a while and I miss him so much. I almost bought him a shirt today and he still has 2 years til' his release, do I sound nuts?