Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Taste of Fall…

“It’s cold as a witches’ tit outside!” George was saying this morning as he walked into electronics.

I was busy putting away boxes of new DVDs and Blu-Rays that just had arrived. I pulled out my Crackberry and browsed to my favorite weather source and the temperature said 58 degrees.

“Ah fall,” I mused mainly to myself.

George was entirely not dressed for this weather – having on a t-shirt under his smock and some light pants. I gave him the keys to my car and told him to go get the pullover I had put in the trunk the previous evening just for such occasions. He thanked me and left.

It was slow night at work. I only had a handful of customers all night. I spent most of yesterday sleeping after working on the template for my blog for a few hours. I keep trying new templates hoping I will find one i will like – never being content with the status quo. 

Yesterday morning, mom and I went for another ride. She had yet another doctor’s appointment – one of the countless many she has every month. This got her out of the house early. We stopped by Fat Albert’s to get drinks and snacks – her having already been by my father’s pharmacy for certain items and she was afraid to make another visit for more drinks fearing it would upset my father.

“I know my driving scares you,” mom told me as we toodled down busy highway 29 at 25mph – cars whizzing past us at a furious pace.

I smiled, but didn’t share my most obvious thoughts that mom drives like she is eighty years old. I was just content to sit in the passenger’s seat as I drank my diet Mountain Dew and ate a mini pecan pie.

“Your therapy session is tomorrow,” mom then told me having checked my healthcare calendar before she left to pick me up.

I wonder what I will talk about at therapy today. I have been studiously keeping my anxiety workbook updated – my anxiety levels being almost nonexistent these days. I fear we won’t have much to talk about with things being very quiet lately mentally and both with my family. 


I found an awesome new program yesterday that helps organize all your social media outlets, IMs, and email. It is called Dixsby and so far it is working perfectly both on my laptop and my main computer. You can check it out here. I am connected to so much social media these days and Dixsby makes it easy to organize it all with a single program.

As far as social media goes, I still have misgivings about Facebook. It is just frankly boring. It seems out of the many friends I have most are gawking and not writing content. People spend more time changing their profile pictures than actually writing about their lives. My brother said when he was in town a few weeks ago the he was too shy to post to Facebook. Maybe this is how many feel. I am finding I had to change the way I used and viewed Facebook to make it a viable social media outlet for me. I have followed a lot of sites like Mashable and am mainly using it as a news aggregator and a way to let my friends know I have updated my two blogs. 


Summer said...

A friend of mine said that no grown man should be on FaceBook. He said the only reason they are on there is to pick up women. I have to admit, I'm getting a bit bored with it as well.

Tee said...

FaceBook can get you in trouble. We have a friend that reconnected with a high school boyfriend and left her husband and two boys for her past love. Needless to say her family is crushed. Prospective employers check FaceBook and Twitter as well.

You are such a good friend to George. Once again you saved the day for him.

I cracked up about your mom driving 25mph down 29, then I gave that some thought, that was kind of dangerous, don't you think?

Syd said...

I don't see the point of Facebook. The people aren't really friends but seem to either not comment or just gawk as you wrote. It just seems like empty stuff.

Jenn said...

I started on FB as a way to keep in touch with my family in England. In that respect, it's worked out wonderfully. Cousins that I talked to maybe once a year (at best) I can chat with everyday! However, over the summer, there were quite a few junior high type fights between some of the local women I know. That part, I could do with out!

glittergirl said...

i like facebook for a few things. i love seeing pics of old friends. and of course i get a kick out of all the dog & cat photos everyone posts. it's been a good way for me to keep in touch with a good friend in california and another in canada.

it does get boring. blogs are so much more fun & interesting!

i am always changing my template. it's some kind of OCD thing that kicks in and i obsess about it until i give up for a while.