Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neither a Borrower Nor Lender Be They Say…

“Can I borrow $20 bucks?” George asked me as he arrived at work this morning.

“What for?” I asked warily, sounding like my father.

“It’s for sodas and lunch,” George replied. “Momma is being chitzy with her money fearing I will drink on it. I can’t wait for payday.”

I pulled out my wallet and gave George $20 bucks. He thanked me profusely and headed back out to get busy bringing in the carts.

I think Mrs. Florene and I are both warily anticipating payday – fearing George will go back to his old ways. A pretty new liquor store opened up just a mile from Mrs. Florene’s house and it both worries us. George could easily walk down and get a drink. It would be a matter of days before his parole officer downloaded the data off his monitoring device and it would be a go back to jail free card for him – violating parole.

Video Game Mania…

I had a man walk in my department around midnight. He spent a long time surveying the video game cabinet.

“I hear the Wii is for kids,” he told me passingly.

I disagreed, telling him all about the Wii fit and other “party” games that were popular for adults.

“I like the Zelda games personally,” I told him. “And I am 38 years old.”

Halo Reach has been our biggest seller this week – causing a frenzy among Xbox 360 gamers. Just another first person shooter in a video game market glutted with them is my thoughts on the matter. What happened to flight simulators and strategy games? Games that made you think and learn? Not just “twitch” games as I call them.

The man purchased a Playstation 3 and about four games. I told him that soon Sony would be rolling out controllers and capabilities similar to Nintendo’s Wii. He was excited to get home to play. He must have been in his forties which surprised me. I am finding myself having to put in a concerted effort to keep up with video game technology and happenings with me not playing regularly, and they are a big part of our department. 

Sleep, Beautiful Sleep…

I unplugged my landline, turned off my cellphone and I curled up in the bed with Maggie and Caramel after lunch yesterday. It had been about an hour since I had taken the Percogesic dad gave me yesterday morning. I was soundly asleep for hours. I woke up only once when Maggie decided that the room had grown cold and she wanted up under the covers and against my warm back.  I smiled and told her, “Good girl!” and was soon back asleep. The Percogesic made me feel groggy for the rest of the day, though. I could have slept much longer if I wasn’t for my bladder and stomach protesting around 8pm.

I turned back on my cellphone and immediately within moments had a call. I am glad I had turned it off. It was mom.

“Did you get some sleep?” mom asked anxiously. “Helen told me not to bring your plate and it worried me.”

“I finally got a good seven hours of sleep,” I told her.

“I am going to drive over now and bring your supper and your cokes,” mom told me getting off the phone.

Helen’s Friday meal was delicious as I sat in the kitchen and ate as mom watched on and talked.   The meatloaf was especially flavorful – Helen having cooked it to perfection. It was a very nice treat after such a good day of rest. I was starving when I awoke.

“I dread tomorrow so much,” mom said with a very audible sigh.

“Why?” I asked, always amused at my mother’s antics and whims.

“Your father is off of work and will watch football ALL day!”

I laughed deeply, understanding how mom felt.

“It’s not funny!” mom exclaimed. “He will just obsess over it and the TV will be so loud it will drive me crazy. I am probably coming over here with you and the dogs to sleep.”

I smiled and told her we would be glad to have her. It would thrill Maggie’s little soul to lie in the bed all day with mom. Maggie loves mom’s visits more than any other person that visits the house.  Caramel is much more aloof about such matters.


Syd said...

Hope that George stays straight too. It sounds as if he is struggling a bit.

justLacey said...

Happy you got some good sleep.

Smitty said...

Wonder what it will take for George to join AA? This is a question I wonder too about my home program, Emotions Anonymous. What does it take for a person to admit they want a better life and are willing to go to any length to get it?

Tee said...

Keep asking George if he want to go back to jail. I bet his answer will be "no!" Then tell him if he drinks one (1) drop he has that free ticket back and that you will never go out on a limb for him again. Remind him if he didn't have that job waiting for him he would probably still be in jail. You are a wonderful friend to him.

It is amazing what a good night's (day's) sleep will do for you. Helen's meal sounds wonderful. Made me hungry.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Glad that you and The Ladies got some good sleep - and Helen's meat loaf to top it off!

I think we're all worrying about George! He's not stupid - just has short term memory loss! Does he think that they're gonna cut him a break if they see that he's been drinking? Sure would hate to see him get locked up again after all the trouble everyone went to in getting him out.

I'm so glad that you have such patience with your mom. She really seems to need you right now.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

Mary K said...

Hooray for some good sleep. It makes a world of difference.
I worked third shift for a while and could never sleep during the day. But my mother in law worked third shift most of her life and loved it. I suspect since you're a night owl anyway you'll get your schedule regulated soon.

Summer said...

Always be careful with antihistamines. They can cause urinary retention and you can end up with a catheter and I don't need to tell you how miserable that can make a person!

I hope George will abstain from drinking. I would hate so much for him to land back in jail.

Any word from Stacey today?

Jenn said...

I'm sending good thoughts to George for some strength. Hopefully, he can not blow his money on drinks when he gets paid. Glad you got some sleep. I've had a hard time sleeping the last two weeks. It just ruins your whole day.

becomingkate said...

I'm to the point where I just can't invest emotions in whether someone else is going to use or not. It really took it's toll on me when dale was drinking; thank god I have no drinkers in my life right now.
I wish the best for George, but only HE knows whether he's ready to give it up or not.
Happy Saturday J!