Monday, September 6, 2010

Kroger Was Crazy!

I am now glad I didn’t take the job at Kroger I was offered.  It was crazy today as mom and I toodled around the store buying our groceries.  Mom and I basically just crawled out of the bed to get this ordeal over with.  Mom’s hair was amiss and she didn’t have on any makeup.  I hadn’t shaved and just threw on the pair of shorts and shirts I wore yesterday.  We were the disheveled Kroger crew for the day.

“I hope I don’t see someone I know,” mom told me worriedly as we stood in line as they rang up our groceries.

I smiled not caring what people thought of me.  I have been so ensconced at home over the past many years and lost so much weight that most people in town don’t recognize me anymore.  I certainly had the homeless look going on today, though.

“You know?” mom said. I have only recently started to go with mom to buy groceries. “I know my favorite grocery baggers are missing their two dollar tip with you with me.”

I smiled again as Jeff, a grocery bagger, offered to carry out my groceries. Unfortunately, mom is too frugal to allow that with me in tow to do the work.

On the ride home mom said how much she dreaded the annual Labor Day cookout Charlie was hosting this evening.

“I don’t think I can even be bothered to get out of the bed again,” she said sounding so disparaged.  “Your father and Charlie can’t do anything small.  There will be a big crowd there and I abhor small talk.”

As usual, I wasn’t invited, but I didn’t mind much today – choosing to stay home and enjoy the Internet for the afternoon and two day’s worth of Coast to Coast AM I had downloaded.

Once again, I only spent $63 dollars this time.  I just haven’t had much of an appetite lately and already had much food left over from last week.  My freezer is full of food now and I am going to have to purchase a separate standalone freezer if this keeps up to store all my frozen meals.  It is comforting to know I have so much food, though. For years, I lived week to week as far as my groceries went – often running out a few day’s early and being afraid to call my parents for more.  They would act like the sky was falling when I did so.  Now, it is so nice to know I can just run to the grocery store and buy food when I need it on a whim.  The things we take for granted I often did without for a very long time. My adverse living conditions without money for years has made me appreciate my new found freedoms even more.  


kristi said...

Wow. I spend up to $140 a week for my family of four. I get tired of all my money going for groceries..ugh.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Wish you were here! We've been having what you would consider quite interesting weather the past couple of days! Beautiful sunshine, soft breezes - and then WHAM!! Dark clouds, wind, heavy, heavy rain, thunder, lightening - all those great summer weather goodies! So thankful for the rain - it was really getting dry - the grass was starting to brown up and twist terribly. We could hear the poor lawn cheering as the rain hit!

Congrats on the successful night of work! I had absolutely no doubts whatsoever!

Love ya sweetie!

Syd said...

Glad that things are going well with the job.

justLacey said...

That is one thing I noticed about our third shifters. They all lost weight working late nights. Most said they just weren't as hungry and if they were there was no place open for them to eat.