Monday, September 20, 2010


Mom stayed over at my house all day Saturday. Dad went to the Auburn ballgame after watching football all morning. Mom cycles. She is on one of her low ebbs at the moment and is sleeping a lot. How she can just lie in the bed for hours all day after sleeping all night is beyond me. I kind of cycled myself and slept a lot as well – not leaving me with much to write about. It was the sleep of ages for me – having got caught up on some much needed and missed sleep after a few weeks of getting adjusted to working nights.

Work is very slow tonight. I’ve had one customer in hours and he was just a gawker, gawking at all our television display models. I hate to answer a hundred questions and not make a sale. It seems like such a waste of time, but maybe he will be back to buy a TV tomorrow sometime.  

The store is dead from midnight to about 6am. We close off the sundry side doors leaving only the grocery side doors open and I think this confuses people with them thinking we are closed. We only have one point of sale open tonight and it is a very big Wal-Mart so that shows you how slow we are tonight.

George told me yesterday that his job was the most boring, monotonous job he had ever had.

“Would you rather be sitting in jail?” I asked him, miffed.

“No,” George replied. “That puts things into perspective.” 

The Gossip Line…

“George is having sex with that Pookie again,” Mrs. Florene told me last night before work.

The way she said it made me choke back a laugh. She sounded as if George was cavorting with Satan and it is not far from the truth.

“She picked him up yesterday and they were gone for hours.”

I sighed and told Mrs. Florene that George was a grown man and must make these kinds of choices for himself. 

Mrs. Florene was also really upset that George chose to go to his usual Saturday night poker game where there would lots of drinking going on. George is playing with fire, but I can’t say much as I have often done so in my life as well. You live and you learn as they say.

Arise From the Dead and Go Forth My Minions…

“I am craving a hotdog and some tots,” I told mom late Saturday night, rousing her from the bed in my computer room. “Let’s go to Sonic.”

Mom immediately perked up at the prospect. Mom wanted a chocolate shake really badly foregoing her diet this weekend night.

“I would eat like this all the time,” mom told me as we sat in her car and ate. “I’d weigh 500 pounds, though.”

I smiled. Our meal was delicious and mom enjoyed getting out after being inside all day with me sleeping. She said she didn’t sleep, but just lay there all day. I have my suspicions we might have got a few naps in. :-)


justLacey said...

Im glad your mom has you to spend time with. If she didn't she would be kind of lonely and I know she feels she can be herself with you. There is a lot to be said for that.
Glad you caught up on your sleep.

LM said...

You are such a good son!

Good question you asked George. That gave him a lot to think about.

Glad you are adapting to your change in hours at WM.

kristi said...

George is very fortunate that you helped him get a job. I was talking to my nephew yesterday, he has 2 years left and he is worried about having a hard time finding work.

I love Sonic, especially their 1/2 price drinks!

Syd said...

I hope that George stays sober. You have done all that you can do. As you wrote, he is an adult that needs to make his own decisions. I hope that it works out for him.

VICTOR said...

“Would you rather be sitting in jail?” I asked him, miffed.

--> I should have thought about this real upper back when I was still at my old boring job!

(stumbled on your blog from someone else's page)

Jenn said...

George can always find himself a new job if he doesn't like that one! He needs to be grateful.

glittermom said...

I think you have done all you can for George at this point..Stay his friend and give advice but then its up to him..He hated jail so much you would think that would be a deterrent..I hope he can resist the temptation to drink..I would feel sorry for his mother, not him..