Thursday, August 12, 2010

Naked Time?

I was sitting in my Laz-E-Boy last night reading this month’s Model Railroader watching The Weather Channel foam at the mouth over what was basically just an upper level low in the Gulf.  They had the hurricane experts on to basically discuss a rain storm.  I know they were sorely disappointed it didn’t turn into a category 5 hurricane for the ratings and money involved.  Stacey was on the couch browsing wirelessly with her laptop as Maggie and Sadie both slept next to her.

“Naked time?” Stacey looked up and asked very demurely. 

I laughed warily and apprehensively.

“Oh, I am just so very tired.  It would be like building the great pyramids of Giza for me tonight,” I replied with a broad grin.

Naked time is our code word for sex.

“Oh, you can handle a little naked time,” Stacey said. “I will go easy on you.”

I laughed again. “Okay,” I said. “But if I fall asleep on top of you, don’t get mad at me.”

Stacey then laughed in turn assuring me that things would go fine.  We had a little amorous affairs and I was soon asleep last night before nine getting seven hours of sleep.  All I remember after that was Stacy kissing me passionately goodnight as she gathered Sadie to go home to sleep before work the next day.  Klonopin could never do what a little naked time did for me last night.  It put me out like a light! lol  I haven’t slept so well in years and I am not exaggerating. 


justLacey said...

3 cheers for nekked time!

Mary K said...

What Lacey said. LOL! Nekkid tiemz is better than a sleeping pill.

Tee said...

Yep, that nekkid time will do that to you.

It's Jan! said...

Wow! Watch out, I hear that 'naked time' can be addictive!

Just kidding, but I'm glad to hear it put you out, and probably with a smile on your face.

Cheering for you!

cyottee said...

Is that anything like Tulsa Time?Or more like Hammer Time?
LOL j/k

kristi said...

We tell the kids we are going to talk about birthday gifts..LOL...then we go have naked time!

justLacey said...

Thought you'd find this amusing:

Syd said...

Sounds like Stacey hit your relax button. Nothing better.

becomingkate said...

Works like a charm!