Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dad Visits Maggie…

Dad called me last night and asked if he could come feed Maggie every night saying he missed her.  I allowed this knowing that Maggie loves dad coming even more than I do.  I love my father and it will be good to see him if he just plays nice.  We talked mainly of Maggie – dad making Maggie do all her tricks for him which she does with zest to show out.  The only mar on the night was dad wanted to look at my medications.  I brought my three prescription bottles into the den for him to look at them.

“You have a lot of Klonopin left here,” he said. “Are you taking them?”

“Only in emergencies now when I feel extreme anxiety,” I told him.

“I thought you would have taken them all by now addictively without my help,” dad replied not very optimistically. 

I just smiled, told him I loved him, and he left telling me goodnight and thanking me for letting him come every night.  I know realistically that feeding Maggie was just a guise for him keeping tabs on me – to see that I am not drinking or cavorting crazily. lol  I love him and will let him come.  Just no fights or it will quit!

I mowed three lawns late yesterday afternoon.  I moved my own then mowed Joyce’s.  Joyce’s sister is still paying me twenty dollars every two weeks to do this.  I also mowed Mr. Ed’s lawn and he insisted on paying me last evening. 

“You took piano lessons from my wife for years,” he said. “The least I could do is pay you for mowing my lawn.”

I graciously accepted – glad to get the money to pay for gas used.  We agreed on twenty dollars every two weeks.

Stacey doesn’t see how I put up with my father now knowing more of what’s going on.

“And I thought my mother was bad!” she exclaimed last night on the phone.

“It’s love in it’s most twisted form,” I replied of my father. “He really means well despite all he does to control me.”

Well, I am off for another day of work.  I feel really well this morning and eager to tackle those carts.  The temperature is just perfect for work this morning at 74 – one of the coolest mornings we have had in months.  I will write again when I get home from work.   


LM said...

Awww, the Mr. Ed story is so cute. He sounds like a proud man and feels better paying you for mowing his grass. You were very sweet to handle the situation as you did. Your Dad....he loves you and worries but he certainly is controlling. However, you have the upper hand now and are in charge. Hope your day is wonderful, Jonathon.

Joy Heather said...

Hi Jonathan ( must get used to that)Good to know you are doing so well..i have loads of your back blogs to catch up on, but its good to be feeling better again after so many problems in my life/family..and to catch up on what a few of my blogging friends have been doing as well...look forward to keeping in touch and thank you for adding me again...good to see you have changed the title to 4th avenue'joys'..i like that..take care ..Joy

pattycakes said...

you are doing so well with your dad , are you taking lessons from someone , i cud use a few myself lol maybe one day you can be a counselor :) congrats on finding your way out of hell :)

Syd said...

Glad that your recognized what your dad was trying to do. And that you had compassion to go along with the ruse.