Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change is Afoot…

    3mg of Joy Remain (sarcasm)…

  • Well, my doctor decided to continue to keep me on 3mg of Risperdal after my withdrawal episode yesterday.  I was hoping we would cut it down to 2mg or 1mg because of the side effects which are primarily fatigue and tiredness.  We did cut my Klonopin down to .5mg at night instead of 2mg per day.  My doctor was very pleased that I agreed to do this despite my history with severe anxiety and addiction.  We continued with the Paxil as planned as we both believe that has worked wonders for my social anxiety and the depression I seem to suffer from time to time.  I am just overjoyed to have a psychiatrist that listens to my needs and wants me to be happy instead of pleasing my father and making him happy. My goal is to be medication free at some point in my life in the next year.
  • The Pompous Blowhard…

  • That’s what Stacey calls her supervisor at work.  I will smile as she goes on and on about her in one of her many after work rants.  “It’s not funny,” she will say after a pout.  “Yes, it is!” I will reply with a laugh, getting in trouble. “You sound just like my ex-wife and her many library jobs.”  Comparing Stacey to Rachel always gets me in deep doo doo.  But I can’t resist.  I love how feisty she gets when she rants about her supervisor.  It is kind of sexy in a way.
  • Me?  I Love my Supervisor…

  • She’s just glad to have someone steady, regular, and who works hard to do the job.  I am not kidding when I say she has the hardest time keeping the second shift filled.  Quentin has already left getting a job at a fast food joint.  He didn’t work but a few weeks not liking the heat, the hours, or the pay.   My supervisor’s only beef with me is my smoking.  I have an inclination to smoke too much and too often when I should be pulling in the carts during busy moments.  When I get caught up and am wandering the store or visiting electronics, then it doesn’t matter.  I love her, though.  She’s a sweet lady.  She has been so kind to me and brags about me to her other supervisor friends.  “I am lucky to have him,” I heard her tell another supervisor the other day as she smiled at me.  It makes me feel like a million dollars. 
  • My Father is Strange…

  • Dad has a young 22 year old man working for him named Matt,  Well, Matt decided to quit smoking and dad says this is what is affecting his job performance.  He hasn’t been doing a good job lately and one of dad’s co-pharmacists had to get on to him.  “Ah, smoke you some cigarettes,” dad told him last night taking him to buy a pack. “Fuck all the women you want when you are young and drink plenty of beer.  You get old eventually and can’t do all that anymore.”  “What about me?” I thought.  For years, dad was happy when I wasn’t having sex or drinking, and wanted me to quit smoking because of the costs which he pays for willingly.   My father is strange.  I just don’t get him sometimes. 
  • I Hope Not a Halfway House…

  • George wrote today that his cellmate is saying he is going to have to live in a halfway house for up to a year when he gets out.  George is aghast at the thought from his writings.  “It would be just another form of prison,” he wrote this morning.  I wrote back that I didn’t think he would have to do that for a Felony fleeing arrest charge and a Felony DUI.  George said not to tell his mother so as not to worry her and I will not.  I am just going to keep hoping for the best as a September 9th parole board hearing so soon was almost too miraculous to believe.  The best news I have heard on the George front in many months.  Mrs. Florene and I have so much hope that he will be home soon.    


PipeTobacco said...


Does your state still allow smoking in stores? Or did I misread what you said thinking you could smoke in the store while browsing the electronics section?

I miss those days here... we cannot smoke in any public building anymore.


Jonathon said...


No smoking in any public spaces here. The smoking Nazis have got us! lol I can just smoke outside when things are slow. My supervisor frowns on it if there are a lot of carts still to gather.


Stephanie Levin said...

Ok I have to ask. So was Andrew your "blog name" like "Kim" was for Stacey? I think it's great that you're using Jonathon, I really like that name and it somehow makes me feel like I know you a little bit better by you using your given name.


P.S. This is my attempt to let you get to know me since I'm usually the girl standing in the corner. :-) This is the type of question I would just think to myself and not come out and ask for fear that it's none of my business and that you would think I was being nosy and thus not like me. I have

Jonathon said...


Andrew was my "blogname" and middle name. Jonathon Minter is my real name. It is so good to have you commenting and you're not being nosey at all. I tend to tell it all on the blog anyway! lol


- PT said...

That's what I like about you Jonathon you don't hold anything back. I wish I could be that open.

jane said...

thanks for taking me on jonathon! i've been reading you for about six years and am a big *fan* if you could call it that! as i said before, am really happy you have gotten some control over your life! it is truly uplifting to see all the positive changes you are making. i know it's not easy, but i'm betting it will be worth it in the long run.


LDAlvarez said...

Poor George. I'm sure Jail is full of gossip and wrong advice. They may require George to wear an ankle bracelet or some kind of device. Hopefully no halfway house.

Great news regarding your meds Jonathon. I read it takes several weeks for the Paxil to really take effect and your doing so well already! I'm so happy for you.


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hi all, my name is Jo and I a blogaholic, LOL! I almost feel like we're all at a meeting this afternoon.

Glad the meds are tapering down nicely. Sounds like this doctor is a keeper for sure! Not giving you exactly what you want - just what you need.

You going to the parole hearing? He might could use the extra support from an "upstanding" citizen like you - and who knows, in a month you might have no big anxiety issues left at all!!

Love ya,

glittermom said...

Sounds like alls going well with the new Dr..That was the best thing you ever did..changing drs. and taking control of your life...Good for you..Even if you make a mistake its fine..Your on the right track..

PipeTobacco said...


Just one small point to consider... presuming the name of the girl in your post is the actual name of your girlfriend, you may wish to consider going back to her blog pseudonym (and yours as well perhaps), just for continuity and in case you some day change your mind about the access.

If you decide to do this, it could make your life easier should you ever decide to go back to public... you would not have to edit posts and/or comments.

Just something to consider... whichever decision you make will be good.


themuttonfish said...


It *can* make a difference if you attend George's hearing.

It will also help if George can somehow have employment lined up for when he gets out. Didn't he used to work at Wal-Mart on the night shift? Will they take him back? He can get a work permit that will allow him to drive for the purposes of work.


themuttonfish said...

Also, it should be stressed that he has stable housing to go to with Ms. Florene.

Berryvox said...

It probably is a good idea to withdraw slowly. After many years of taking Seroquel, two days without it turns me into a mess. I started keeping a stack of spare meds just in case something ever happens to my insurance.

And thank you so much for adding me. :)

reaganalabama said...

Thanks for the access! I got hooked on your blog some time ago, and i am glad that i can continue reading it!

Thanks again,
Mark Hood

Peg McGuire said...

Yay! I'm still part of your world. Thanks for including me. Stay strong, dude. You're on the right path.

-- Peg

Mary K said...

Your doc is a keeper for sure. Your doctor should be listening to *you.* I'm glad that's the case now.
Thanks for keeping me in your life here. Reading your blog makes me smile, gives me hope, and sometimes makes me just a tiny bit homesick. :p

Carol said...

Thanks for taking me on, I guess that I will 'click' in automatically now? Paxil is a decent drug, I went back on it recently after only sleeping a few hours a night for 2 months. Within a week, I was a happy girl again. Sleep makes all the difference. Well, I hope things keep going well for you. (Friends are God's apology for giving us family!)

pattycakes said...

wonderful to be included in your little group of friends andrew oops i mean johathon lol
i so enjoy everything u write , you are doing so great your parents must be impressed , i know changing doctors was the best thing u ever did . congrats on being almost stress free. no one is ever completely stress free tho lol we all have some or a lot of it in our lives . so keep on writing and keep on with your wonderful life , i bet george will be very surprised at how well you are looking and acting when he sees you in person :) have a great nite thanks for including me in your special group
bye from pattycakes

sandra said...

Hi all,
Thanks Jonathan for keeping me on as well. I will try and comment more. Glad to hear that you and Stacey are doing well ! Hugs from the Canadian east coast.

Tee said...

Do you mind if I continue to call you Andrew, or do you prefer Jonathan? I think Pipe had a good suggestion.

Would you believe my mom's doctor is Kathy Minter? I'm almost positive she didn't grow up in the south, so I doubt if she's your sister. LOL

Do you know how fortunate you are to have a supervisor that you really like? During my 37.5 years of working I only had a few supervisors that I really liked, one of which was my husband and I loved him. He valued all my suggestions and my hard work, but after all, we had our own business and you work three times harder for yourself that you do someone else.

I just laughed at all that "sound" advice George is getting in jail. If all those people are so smart and knowledgeable why are they in jail. Go figure. That's what I told my nephew when he was in jail and he was getting all sorts of advice as to what he should do in order to get out. The rumor mill was unbelievable.

Summer said...

Pipe is right. Consider going back to using your blog names in case you decide to take the blog public again.

So funny, you are the second person to use the word "afoot" this week. I haven't heard that word in years and now twice in one week. Haha.

Gulf Coast said...

Word of your relationship with Stacey blooms, she may resent you bringing up your ex-wife. It causes more insecurities about measuring up or being as good as the ex. Unless your comparison compliments her.
Just a thought, this caused many arguments in my marriage during the first year. Stacey sounds like a very sweet woman.

Syd said...

I think that your father is "pimping" the tobacco to cajole Matt into working harder for him. Kinda the good ole boy club attitude. That is just my take. It's a bit manipulative, don't you think?

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