Monday, August 23, 2010

Caramel Says, "Good Morning!"

Caramel and I have already been out for our potty break this morning. This time she followed Maggie through the dog door and I lavished her with praise. "Good girl!" I said in excitement as I rubbed her vigorously. I am hoping house training for her is going to as easy as it was for Maggie. Maggie was no trouble at all being as smart as she is. Maggie, though, got to barking up a storm this early morning at a possum in the pecan tree in Joyce's yard. "Maggie?!" I exclaimed, worried about the neighbors. "Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?" Maggie and Caramel both came tearing back inside and I fed them both some Beefaroni as I locked the dog door so Maggie couldn't go back out and bark up a storm. I was careful to put the Beefaroni on separate foam plates so there wouldn't be any fights over food. I then cooked some grits and cheese toast for breakfast.


2pm Will Mark 3 Days...

2pm will mark three days without a cigarette. They say the nicotine gets out of your system after three days and I will be relieved to have some peace from that anxious feeling I have constantly -- the constant need to smoke. Stacey has just been amazed at my will power. I told her she is dating an "all or nothing" fellow as I will either smoke lots of cigarettes or smoke none at all. It does work in my favor at times -- especially when I decided to go for my independence from my family. I can just have this dogged determination at times and I wasn't about to have to work five hours a week or more just for my smoking habit. The best thing dad did was to make me start paying for my cigarettes again instead of him paying. He thought he was punishing me, but he did me a favor.

Back to Work...

It is back to work this morning after a good fruitful day off. I mowed five lawns yesterday leaving me only three to do and I will be caught up for a week or two unless I get more calls for work. I look forward to work this morning -- not dreading it at all. I love these early hours before seven when it is so cool and dark and I can gather my carts in peace without the parking lot being hectic and busy. Today will start my eighth week of work -- the end of the week marking two full months of working again after eight years of idleness. I feel so accomplished and my self esteem improves everyday -- that old nemesis social anxiety wilting away. The best thing I've done in many years was to start working again and to say to hell with Social Security -- somebody else can start having my benefits in May.


Mom called me last night just as I was going to bed at 8:00pm.

"You won't believe our day," mom said. "We drove all the way to Thomasville and back and it stormed the whole time.  I am calling about your groceries tomorrow.  I am so tired, I am going to collapse in the bed after I get off the phone."

"Surprise me about groceries tomorrow, mom," I told her. "Get me all kinds of interesting foods to eat. Get me what you would want to eat yourself.  I get tired of the same things every week."

Mom chuckled warily not wanting to upset our usual routines.

"Give me more direction," she replied.

"Think of some of your favorite recipes and buy me the ingredients for them," I told her excitedly.

"Your putting a lot of work on me," she said, chuckling again.  "You know I can be anal about our routines."

"I know," I replied. "I just get tired of those Marie Callendar frozen meals all the time.  I want to be able to cook for Stacey and I this week every night."

"I will surprise you," mom said wanting to get off the phone now.  I had put too much on her for the busy day she had.  "How does my lasagna and spaghetti sound?  And mushroom chicken, tangy chicken and beef lo mein?"

"Sounds wonderful," I replied.

"Don't forget your diet Sprite tomorrow morning," mom then said. "Are you coming over at four to get them?"

"Certainly," I replied. "I appreciate you doing that."

"I will also bring you, Stacey and the dogs some double cheeseburgers, fries and apple pies tomorrow night as well."

"Sounds like a nice plan," I replied and we got off the phone.


justLacey said...

I can't believe how much more energy you have being off your meds. It really surprises me. I am glad that Caramel is learning fast. I knew she would with Maggie there, plus females just seem smarter to me in the dog world (even though I prefer having a male dog).Have a great Monday. School starts here today so it will be hectic, but on the up side, my boss will be out of town for 3 days. Yipee!

amelia said...

You are just doing so well!!!

It will probably piss off your dad when he realises that he's done you a big favour by not buying your smokes!! Good for you!

If I remember correctly, you don't get your disability money anyway, your dad does right? So it isn't going to make a difference to you if you don't get it. Just stay in close touch with your new doctor so she knows what's happening and so, if you need to go back, you can.

I hope you never do!!! :)

Syd said...

I am glad that things are working out for you with Caramel. I think that your new freedom is a great thing.

Justfly said...

I quit smoking cold turkey too many years ago. I was up to two packs a day. It is tough, but I am glad I did it.
Your Mom sounds like a lovely person.
Hope you get some exciting, new groceries!

Gulf Coast said...

Your mother is a sweetheart!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

That menu sounds pretty good! What time are you serving? I'll bring the garlic bread!

Give Maggie a little tummy rub for me!

Love ya,

LDAlvarez said...

Your an inspiration Jonathon! I am so very proud and in awe of you. Quitting like that had to be difficult.

Tee said...

You are doing awesome! I understand your determination to quit smoking after learning how much money you had to spend on those things. I wouldn't want to work five hours to pay for a carton.

Are you going to start posting your recipes of what you cooking each day? That would be fun. I wrote down Helen's recipe for pimento cheese. I've got to get some Blueplate Mayo first so I can so a taste test.

You mom is a real jewel. I wish I had some one to grocery shop for me.

Sharon said...

Oooh, recipe exchange! That's a great idea! :)

gilly said...

please post more pics of caramel!