Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Titan V8…

I am enamored with my benefactor’s truck.  It is a brand new Nissan Titan V8.  I had to resist mashing the gas pedal heavily on my way to Ponder’s nursery yesterday.  That truck has so much exciting horsepower and torque and makes the feeble inline four in my CR-V seem meek in comparison.

My car will be ten years old soon.  I only have 96,000 miles on the clock, but it is beginning to show it’s age appearance wise.  With the deer damage and with the paint coming off my hubs, I need to get some cosmetic work done.  I talked to dad last night pleading with him to just bite the bullet and get my car fixed.  I also need new brake pads and shoes.

“We’ll get some more estimates in the next few weeks,” he said trying to placate me.

Mom assures me he has several thousand dollars saved up in my account and why he doesn’t use this money to get my car fixed I don’t know.  Maybe it is an emergency fund?  There were hints that he would be giving me my mother’s car soon buying him and her both new Hondas.  He seems to be stalling in that regard.  He says it is nice not having car payments which I can understand.  Dad’s 2005 CR-V has over 140,000 miles on it.  Mom’s 2005 Civic has only 17,000 miles.  The BMW X5 is rarely driven only leaving the garage on special occasions when dad wants to impress someone.

The Rigors of Smalltalk…

I am finding my talks on the phone with Kim very enjoyable, but tiresome at the same time.  I am just not a phone person and have had severe phobias in the past over the years.  I find small talk rigorous and will often write down a list of topics to talk about before I call.  Last night I had a list to talk about all things Asian food wise such as sushi, our dogs, and our supervisors at work and most things related to work.  It gets easier over time, but I would much prefer her to just drive over and let’s talk in person.  I found out she lives very near me in a house her mother owns.  Maybe, I can talk her into coming over tonight while we talk today at work.  I will use my most exuberant charm and witty repartee to persuade her.  I want her to meet Maggie as well.       


This IS The Fun Part! said...

I hope your Thursday is as great as the rest of the week has been!


Syd said...

Yea ask her to come over. Sounds good to me.

It bothers me for some reason that you have to ask your dad for something. Better to fix your truck yourself, unless that money is really yours. If so, then why does he have control over it?

Diana said...

You should have no trouble convincing her to stop by. You like her. It is obvious the feeling is mutual.

forsythia said...

Looks like you're sailing along just fine in calm waters.

Tee said...

Go get a couple of estimates on having your brakes repaired, that's not cosmetic, that's a SAFETY issue and keep pushing your dad to repair the mechanical items on the car. Keep reminding him this is a SAFETY issue and if you had an accident as a result of your brakes not being in good order, it might come back to bite him. I know you want the cosmetic things done as well, but safety first. We have a '91 mini van with 251,000 miles on it, it doesn't look that great outside, but it gets us to Lowe's and back (thus the Lowesmobile). LOL If you have a choice of which vehicle your get from your parents take the Civic, they are great cars.

I agree with one of the other comments, stay away from the town winos, they aren't a positive influence in your live. You are doing so well you want to stay away from the negative things, you have had way too much negativity in your life. You are on a new adventure enjoying the positive things and you want to keep it that way.

It would be nice to have Kim over for pizza, or popcorn and a movie. Do you have a DVD player? If not, this would be an item to put on your wish list. Or maybe you can take her to a movie, that way you are off the kook for lots of conversation. A good chick flick would impress her. Stay away from R rated movies, some people just don't like them. "Runaway Jury" with Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman is a great movie, lots of suspense. Or if you want something lighter, "Secondhand Lion" is one of my all-time favorites.

Try to keep your conversation about work and your supervisor positive. Just tell Kim you are very happy with your supervisor and thankful to have a job at Wal-Mart. Hopefully, she will get the hint and talk about more interesting things other than work. Looking forward to your next post!