Saturday, July 24, 2010

This and That…

  • Kim cooked spaghetti and meat sauce last night and it was delicious.  Along with garlic bread and a salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  She had bought several bottles of wine, but I don’t care much for wine and there was no beer.  I ended up not drinking last night.  Kim got pretty giddy and silly which was amusing.  It also made her quite amorous. 
  • I had a lot of “performance anxiety” last night, but things went fine.  And yes, I used a condom even though Kim is on birth control.  You can never be too careful.
  • I ordered a new extremely fast quad core processor for my computer late last night.  It will be my first FedEx delivery in years.  I am so excited and can’t wait for that truck to pull up in front of my house.  I paid extra for overnight shipping so it will be here Monday.  It will certainly breathe new life into my computer. 
  • It is 3am and I don’t have to be at work until 5am.  I am up way too early and can’t sleep.  I am still  in this dreamlike state from last night.  It was the first time in three years and called for celebration and contemplation.
  • I mowed two lawns yesterday for $40 dollars.  I also ordered business cards online for my yard care business and they are being shipped to me.  Should be here next week.
  • I came home from my paying gig and reluctantly mowed my own lawn and Joyce’s.  Luckily, our yards are small and it didn’t take too long.  I will weed eat today sometime. 
  • A storm blew up overhead as I was over at Kim’s house last night just as she was putting the finishing touches on dinner.  I grew so excited and kept going out the backdoor to check on the weather.  Kim doesn’t get my love for the weather although she likes the sound of thunder and rain, and says it is romantic.
  • I just don’t get the appeal of Facebook.  I’ve tried many times.  I have two accounts.  One is a fake female account so I can read what the Homeless Guy is doing.  I knew he would approve a female friend over a strange male.  Kevin’s Facebook persona is entirely boring compared to the wonderfully interesting things he used to write on his blog.  He has turned into this boring armchair activist.  His children reading him on Facebook has effectively neutered him per se.  He rarely talks about homelessness these days which was his true calling.
  • Twitter is growing out of favor for me as well.  I like boring stuff on Twitter like what you are doing or what your day is like.  People are falling over themselves to seem overly interesting on that social media.  It bores me and aggravates me – the endless links and snarky witty tweets.  Life just isn’t as interesting as these people are tweeting about. 
  • Interesting Fact:  Kim is almost exactly ten years younger than me give a few days or three.  We were both born in April. She was born in 1982.
  • The “disaster in the Gulf” has effectively ruined The Weather Channel and my favorite radio program.  It is all they talk about and they obsess about it.  I am only interested in the weather in my backyard as far as The Weather Channel is concerned.  I don’t care about weather that doesn’t affect me at all.  Yawn. 
  • I put my six diet cokes in the freezer last night to get cold and went to bed forgetting about them.  They all burst and it was a mess to clean up a few minutes ago. 
  • My cable company has a channel called WeatherNow.  It is my new favorite TV channel.  They basically show the radar while playing NOAA weather radio.  It is like The Weather Channel’s local on the eights on steroids.  I love it!
  • Kim has three tattoos.  A butterfly on her shoulder.  An intricate henna looking design around her wrist.  And a tattoo that only someone intimately involved with her would know about.
  • Maggie is sitting out on the back deck in the moderately cool air.  She loves to do this when I get up early leaving the bed.  Occasionally, I will hear her bark at things that go bump in the night. 
  • Dad was fretting last night that Social Security is going to send him tons of paperwork to fill out now that I’ve returned to work.  He was scolding me about it.  I told him if he could fly hundreds of miles to see my brother and take them all to New York City, then he could fill out some paperwork for me.  It pissed him off. lol
  • It is now 4am and I better go get a shower, eat some breakfast, and head to work.  The early bird gets the worm as they say!  I wonder what interesting happened on third shift tonight.


justLacey said...

SO many interesting thoughts. Kind of gives me insight about how you are thinking. I am glad you enjoyed your night last night. Celebration and contemplation were truly deserved. I was thinking as I was reading, how "normal" your life seems now and I am ecstatic over that. You so deserve just the everyday normalities that we all take for granted. I would hate to think that a lot of your problems were just caused by over medication. I also wonder if your mother suffers from the same. You are right that your dad can take the time to fill out the paperwork. The government is famous for it. I recently had to put my kids on a state plan for health insurance and it's forms and questions although a lot of it was online and not all that complicated.
Facebook has lost a lot of it's appeal for me and I never got Twitter at all. I often feel as if I have reached the end of the internet so to speak. It is still a wealth of information though so it still holds appeal in that sense. I hope you enjoy your day. I too get up very early for work and sit around waiting to go. I hate to wake and rush out and I am a morning person anyway as you can see.

Summer said...

What you said to your father cracked me up this morning.

forsythia said...

Well, that's what I'd call a full day!

Sharyna said...

So, was George right?? lol

This IS The Fun Part! said...

How long has it been that you have been saying that you just wanted to have a somewhat normal life? Looks like you're there!

Sorry to hear about the freezer eruption! It probably needed cleaning anyway, LOL!

Love ya,

Mike said...

Andrew, I'm very happy for you. I haven't commented in ages, but I still stop by. It is wonderful reading about your new life... work, freedom, and a lady friend! Your story inspires me. As someone who has been told I have schizophrenia, I find it so exciting to see how well you are doing and hear about the life you are building. Keep it up, my friend.

Syd said...

Okay--all is in working order. Sounds like a full day.

kristi said...

Go Andrew, glad it worked out.

Tee said...

Good response to your Dad.

I just don't get Twitter and Facebook. Did you know many companies check your Twitter and Facebook accounts? Yep. I know a lady that works in HR for a big company and they always check, so be careful what you post on there.

Looks like you have had a full day!