Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am excited about work this morning.  I feel so good and I slept so well last night.  I woke up at six feeling so refreshed.  I was in the bed by eleven. I’ve been sleeping on my couch and found I sleep more soundly there than I do on my big queen sized bed.  My couch is so soft and you just melt into it when you lie down.  I like to go to sleep to the soft drone of my television in the den.  You should see me and Maggie huddled on the couch, though.  Both of us just about can’t fit, and Maggie insists on sleeping with me.  We are such the pair!

Routines are important to me again after year’s absence.  I found myself in the kitchen a moment ago cooking some eggs and toast and then quietly sitting at my kitchen table eating.  I then took a long hot shower using my prescription shampoo.  I’ve just about gotten my dandruff under control.  It has taken over a month, though.  I then ironed my clothes and dressed.

The phone rang as I was sitting in the den a moment ago watching The Weather Channel.  It was Mrs. Florene.  She has been very supportive about me returning to work.  She sounded so excited when I told her the other day that I had found a job.

“Are you up?” she asked. “I worry about you being late for work after not working for years.”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied. “I was just sitting in the den getting woken up.”

“Eat a good breakfast,” she told me. “You need your energy!”

“I cooked scrambled eggs and toast,” I told her.

“Good,” she said. “I am so excited for you about this!”

She told me to look for a letter from George in the mail today.  He had said on the phone to her  yesterday that he has been writing everyday without fail.   I told her about my computer printer project and mailing George my blog posts and she thought that was a wonderful idea.

“We’re going to get him home soon,” she said optimistically.  “Have a great day at work today!”

I hung up the phone and smiled.  I know George has had his problems over the years, but without him, I wouldn’t have met his wonderful mother and what a good supportive friend she has been to me over the years.  She is just a wonderful person.

Well, it is now 7am.  I have an hour before work and I about don’t know what to do with myself with such idle time I’ve been so busy lately.  I think I may just go clock in early today and get a head start on work. 


吳婷婷 said...


forsythia said...

Good for you, Andrew.

Sophie said...

I hope you have a wonderful day, Andrew!

C.A. said...

I often sleep on the couch with the TV softly playing in the background, myself.

Wishing you a productive day that's not scorchingly hot!


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Accent the positive, eliminate the negative! Looking good, Andrew!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!My best wishes!


doyourememberthattime said...

congratulations on getting back to work. i wish you all the best.