Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recapping the Day…

  • A few months ago, I listened to all the Twilight series on audiobook which I downloaded on iTunes and put on my iPod.  I’ve been hoping to read the books patiently waiting on mom to finish them and pass them down to me.  I think reading will be a more pleasurable and visceral experience.  Mom had the first book in the bag with my diet Cokes tonight.  I will start reading when I go to bed.  I can’t wait to read again about my favorite emo vampire, Edward Cullen. 
  • I called dad and pitched him the idea of getting that new 600gb “VelociRaptor” harddrive with the leverage that he didn’t have to buy me a plane ticket to Washington D.C.  He fell for it thankfully.  He said he would get Tricia to order it this week sometime.  It is going to cost $268 dollars.  Expensive!  It is an extremely cutting edge technology drive, though.
  • The brake light come on in my car tonight as Kim and I were driving to Sonic for supper.  Thankfully, all I needed was some brake fluid and a quick trip to AutoZone fixed that.  My brakes need servicing soon though as my wear indicators are squealing. I will do them myself most likely.  I’ve always done them on all the previous cars I’ve owned.  A Honda shouldn’t be much different.  I will just buy the shoes and pads at AutoZone.
  • As I mentioned previously, Kim and I went to Sonic for supper.  I got a coney dog and tots and the only thing Kim ate was a banana split.  Dating is expensive I am learning.  Women are hard work!
  • I had a little bit of anxiety this afternoon and fell into my old mentally ill ways of pacing the floor for hours.  My legs are so sore I can barely stand.  I hid this from Kim.  I don’t want to come across as crazy.  I chalk it up to withdrawal from all those medications I was on for years.  There are going to be a few hiccups down the road of progress I fear.
  • Speaking of medications, next Tuesday will mark the first Tuesday in six years that I haven’t received my antipsychotic injection in the old derrière.  This was dad’s method of “social control” for me to keep me sleepy, quiet, and complacent.  He will be freaking out come next week no doubt.  I won’t hear the end of it.  I will jump that hurdle when it arises.  I will go from 6mg a day down to the 3mg my psychiatrist has me currently taking for withdrawal reasons.  We will slowly titrate that down to zero over the coming weeks.
  • Dad is still insisting on paying for my cigarettes out of his own money to not pay for them with my disability money.  He said tonight we shouldn’t be paying for addictions with the government’s money.  I reminded him tonight that it was my money.  Disability is an insurance and I paid thousands in taxes in all the decades I managed to work successfully.  This also strikes me as completely odd as I can pay for them myself these days.  That’s $38 dollars a week I am not having to spend.  Dad has his moments although he can be so hard on me.
  • Kim also smokes.  A fact I was shy to reveal on the blog not to put her in a bad light.  I strike it up to her bipolar disorder.  So many mentally ill people smoke.  She has an addictive personality like me.  We both have to be careful with our inclinations.    
  • I ordered a mixed bouquet of flowers from Mrs. Sandra’s florist to be delivered tomorrow to the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart.  I hope Kim enjoys them and it thrills her.  I want to show off like that peacock I have mentioned flaring his feathers. I wrote on the little card that she has changed my life immensely for the better and brought me immeasurable joy.


Smitty said...

Enjoying your posts and now have you on my blog roll.
You might find Emotions Anonymous a helpful flavor in your recovery....

pattycakes said...

you are behaving like most of the people in the world :)i think all that is wrong with you is yu are more nervous than some but i dont think you are doing anything different than the rest of us trying to make it in the world , we all worry about almost everything too , altho i wish i cud pace like you do , i might lose some weight lol keep goin the way you are . sounds like you are finally enjoying your life and i think your dad is maybe seeing that and hoping for the best for you . :) have a good one . im sure kim will enjoy the flowers
from pattycakes

Syd said...

Sounds like a good evening. I am sure that she will like the flowers.

Tee said...

I would think replacing the brakes on you car would be part of your living expenses and your dad would pay for that out of your disability. Just a thought. Ask, all he can say is no. BUT he could say yes. You have not because you ask not.

Sharyna said...

Buying Kim flowers was a good idea! Having them delivered to her counter will have the other girls so envious!

Mary K said...

You're sweet! She's going to love the flowers.