Friday, July 9, 2010

Poor Maggie!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andrew! Sounds like a great idea to take your meds at morning time than at night before bed. Please do not do anything to mess up your disability and stay sober! Once your father sees that you can maintain a part-time job, he just may come around and see that this is a good thing. Time is what you need to prove yourself to him.

Please stay sober, set a limit and stay in control.


skinny minny said...

You are doing so AWESOME! Isn't amazing what getting out in the world and being productive ( whether work or volunteer) can do for your self worth and how it kicks depression in the butt? It doesn't cure but it sure helps doesn't it?
poor maggie :( :) I bet she loves on you when you get home from work.
Glad you are doing so well. Your Dad will ultimately come around as you show him you can do it.

glittergirl said...


glittergirl said...

i just noticed the title of your blog has changed. i love it!

glittermom said...

We need to find Maggie a job!

pattycakes said...

how bout a lil walk daddy ? lol
she is prob missing you a lot
but im so glad y our out in the world working , it does make a big difference doesnt it ?
congrats :)

Berryvox said...

There, there, Maggie. At least you don't have to live with CATS like my dog.

And grats on the camera part (and everything else).

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hi Maggie!

So good to see you! Soon you'll get used to daddy being gone more than usual. Enjoy your peace and quiet while you can!


Sophie said...

I love the new blog title too.. and this photo is just too cute. Yuppers, I bet little Maggie misses you, but think of all the joyful greetings when you come home. I love it when my furkids scurry to the door to welcome me home! :-)