Saturday, July 10, 2010

Give a Crackhead Ten Bucks…

014 copy That same black girl from the other night that accosted me for a cigarette was sitting outside on the retaining wall swinging her legs like a child by the convenience store.  She must live in the neighborhood right behind the store.  When I was teenager, I could’ve thought of a hundred better things to do with my time than this I thought.

“You gonna give me a cigarette today?” she asked smiling when she saw me as if nothing ever happened the other night.  I guess she had forgotten she had told me to, “fuck off!”

“Smoke thou shalt not! Cancer it doth cause!” I replied laughingly mocking her.  She was so rude to me the other night that I decided to have a little fun with her.

“Just one cigarette!” she pleaded.

“Why don’t just give a crackhead ten bucks and they will buy you a pack,” I told her. “Crackheads are everywhere around here!  Look! There goes one right now!” 

The woman I pointed at looked like your stereotypical crackwhore.  She had the bulbous Adam's apple and bobbing chickenhead so characteristic of them.  The dark circles under her eyes and pallid skin gave away her drug habit.

The girl said a few more obscenities to me as I walked off ignoring her pleading with my beer now in my backpack.  I turned, lit up of a cigarette, and smiled devilishly mocking her.  I was being so bad tonight and felt so cheeky.  Payback is hell as they say.

015 copy I think the park was glad to see me when I arrived after a short walk up the street.  The mockingbirds were singing joyously.  That long crescendo of a cicada’s shrill call rang out.  My usual cadre of black boys were playing basketball in the court.  I sat down on my bench and began my first beer – my sunset brews. I donned my headphones and began to listen to my radio.  This is quickly growing to be one of my favorite nightly rituals.  I only bought two beers tonight feeling adventurous. I really don’t have an excuse to drink anymore other than I like the pleasant soft buzz it imparts – this peaceful, numb feeling.  My anxiety has decided to leave me for the time being.   It has been two days without anxiety and that is just amazing!


glittermom said...

How big is this park? I wouldnt stay there after dark...

pattycakes said...

ya i would be seeking out another area too lol but thats just chicken me . sounds like you are going to be bothered by her a lot if you keep talking to her
have fun keep cool

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Just because you're not loaded with anxiety does not mean that one of those crackheads won't do whatever it might take get get a few bucks off of you. Be aware of where you are and who is around you, dear! Even that radio could be worth a knot on your head to the wrong person!

Okay, I'm through mothering. Sorry! I hate to tell you this, but parents never do stop being parents! I still drive my own son nuts and he's your age!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Be careful and observant of your surroundings. A crackhead will do anything for a buck and you may find yourself knocked out!

One visit from your father in the evening and he may just smell the beer that you consumed. Talking about sh-t hit the fan..

Gulf Coast said...

Be careful =)

Syd said...

Sounds like an interesting neighborhood. There are quite a few parks like that in Charleston. Inner city parks where all kinds of people hang out. I haven't been to those places except for a few runs that were done last year.

Blogger said...

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