Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church is a No-Go…

I was over at my benefactor’s house at nine trimming shrubbery.  His shrubbery was wild after years of neglect and it was a three hour job.  It took an artistic eye to get it shaped up and looking good.  I was standing back eyeing my efforts with satisfaction after finishing when he stepped outside to talk to me and pay me.

“Do you go to church?” he asked.

“I can’t remember the last time I stepped in God’s house,” I replied.

“Well, I am going to tonight’s service. Do you want to go with me? I would really like for you to go.  It will be good for your soul,” he said.

“Oh, I don’t have any Sunday clothes that fit,” I replied trying to think of anything to get out of this situation.  For some reason, just the mention of church made me extremely uncomfortable.  Church is an extremely social endeavor that makes socially anxious people shy away. 

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am sure,” I replied. “I appreciate your asking, though.”

He handed me my $25 dollars and I asked him if there was anything else I could do.  I told him I appreciated the steady work. 

“Do you want your lawn mowed next?” I asked assertively.  It really needed doing.

“Well, I usually do it myself,” he said waffling.

“I’ll do it for $15 dollars,” I said smiling, trying to sway him.

“Then it is a deal,” he said. “$15 dollars is a bargain and it is pretty hot outside.”

“I’ll be back this afternoon with my mower,” I told him and I got in my car and left.

His yard isn’t that big so I don’t think I will spend that much money on gas.  I should’ve asked for $20 dollars, though.  Charlie would get on to me for being so cheap with my efforts.  I’m not a very good business man. 

I came home and took Maggie for a long walk down to the elementary school and back.  She was elated and really strutted her stuff – stopping to sniff every little interesting smell.  She loves these walks more than anything in the world.  Maggie gets so bored being stuck inside all the time on these hot days.  I worry about her and her mental well being.  I know she gets stir crazy at times. 

Well, I am now driving down to the first Auburn interstate exit to buy my sunset brews for tonight’s venture in the park.  I am also stopping by the bookstore to pick up the latest issue of Trains magazine.  I just got online and ordered a year’s subscription feeling frivolous with my money.  I will then come home and toodle over on my mower to mow my benefactor’s lawn and then I am calling it a day and spending time on the internet, cooking mom’s lasagna, and then my sunset brews at nightfall.  So far, It’s been a grand day.  Now, if we can just get some good storms to make it interesting weather wise then I will be a happy clam.  I will write again tonight! 


Sophie said...

Wow, I wish I was half as ambitious as you! I'm outside staining the deck and it soooo hot that I'm frying. Taking lots of little breaks inside to cool off. At this rate I'll be done by sunset! Give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax tonite so you'll be refreshed and ready for tomorrow! :-)

Syd said...

I don't like proselytizing about religion. I'm with you on that. If I want to go to church, I will and don't need someone trying to promote it to me.