Monday, July 19, 2010

The Car Culture…

Riding my bike to work is just not going to work.  It was a hectic and scary ride down busy highway 29 as cars honked at me and people hollered out their windows for me to get off the “fucking” road.  I realized we live in a car culture with little respect given to bicycle riders.  I felt like the biggest schmuck in the whole world causing traffic problems as I peddled furiously to work this morning.  I also was a sweaty mess by the time I arrived at work and my exertions had overridden my deodorant.  I smelt strongly of underarm odor all morning and was extremely self conscious.  It didn’t help my anxiety any.  It is back to the car culture for me as well tomorrow morning.  I will just have to ride for exercise late in the afternoons when it is cooler.  I can ride down to the park every evening for my sunset brew ritual. 

I ran by Florene’s house after work.  She wrote me a check for the magazines I had ordered George.  I thanked her profusely as they were very expensive.  She was just overjoyed I could do that for him.  George doesn’t read books and magazines seemed like the best recourse as far as giving him something to read on a regular basis.  Mrs. Florene is also cooking me my favorite meal tonight.  I asked her if Kim could come.

“Who’s this Kim you speak of?” she asked me excitedly knowing something interesting was up.

“She’s my new girlfriend,” I told her proudly.

Mrs. Florene just had a fit, fawning over me, and said she would also make her fantastic pineapple upside down cake for dessert in celebration.  I thanked her for her efforts and told her we would be there at seven sharp.  I had gambled and asked Kim at work if she wanted to come thinking Florene wouldn’t mind.  She always cooks for an army anyway. 

I left Mrs. Florene’s house and had a trailer ball installed on my car out on the interstate.  I was surprised at how economical the trailer place was.  I was expecting to spend a lot more money to get that done.  I then drove to the man’s house with the trailer I had found on Craig’s list.  It was perfect for my needs if not older.  I paid him cash and pulled the trailer home.  This will greatly expand my yard care operations in the afternoon.  I will be able to pull my mower to neighborhood’s far flung across our little town.   The trailer even had fittings for my weed eater to be secured as I drove.  It was very nice and I was very excited to get it at a steal.  The man just wanted to dump it for some quick cash.

I have been waffling what to do about work.  It has been so slow lately.  I arrived home and still didn’t have any calls from all those applications I filled out this weekend.  My work history is frankly shitty which is mostly likely the cause.  I have decided just to stick it out with Wal-Mart and concentrate on my yard care business – building it up over many months.  I am just going to be determined and be a hustler and bustler about that.  I also don’t want to start my nine month trial work period.  It is precious really – being able to draw a full wage while still drawing disability.  That is something that should be saved for an emergency. 

Well, I am off to power wash my Benefactor’s vinyl siding.  He rented a power washer this weekend.  He also told me he wants me to power wash his driveway and walks tomorrow as well.  I love this steady work he gives me.  It is much easier anxiety wise for him to call me, than for me to have to get out and knock on doors to drum up work.  I will also have to get busy this week mowing my regular customer’s lawns I mowed two weeks ago.  We’ve got lots of rain and the grass has really grown in that time.  I will write again tonight about my day!


glittermom said...

have you thought about applying for the electronic dept in walmart? I think that would be a better fit then fast food which would get boring. You are knowlegable and love electronics so I think your anxities might be less doing that...if it didnt work out you could prob go back to the cart job..

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Just one more successful day in a string of many! What a good time you're having.

Love ya,

Jenn said...

You are doing so well lately - great job!
Have you thought about getting some cardstock and printing up some Yard Care business cards? If no one is home, you can leave them on the door with your new cell # printed on it. Most word programs have easy templates for business. White card stock is pretty inexpensive. I buy mine at Staples. I'd reccomend the heaviest weight you can find.
Have a nice dinner tonight :)

Tee said...

You have made some very wise decisions.

I was going to suggest you make some business cards for your yard service, but Jenn beat me to the punch, so to speak. Leave one at every house and if there is a bulletin board at work, put one there.

Enjoy your dinner with Mrs. Florene. I thought her name was Mrs. Florence. I know it will be delicious.

Lena said...

Taking Kim to dinner with Ms. Florene is like taking her to meet the family. Nice.

I was thinking of the electronics job for u, as well. You would be a natural!

Cheryl said...

I just LOVE reading your blog. You're such a great writer and you make what could be mundane so interesting. I'm not reading every day, but when I do, I read each entry with joy for you and your new way of living.

Syd said...

Lots of good stuff happening. I used to belong to a cycling club but had to quit because the roads here were not bike friendly. I felt that I was taking my life in my hands to ride the 25 miles to the beach and back.

Berryvox said...

Busy city streets and highways with a small shoulder aren't usually fun to bicycle on.

I haven't encountered people yelling at me but Minneapolis is much more bicycle-friendly than most places. And, when I was bicycle touring, I only went through Wisconsin and Michigan, two other bike-friendly states. It might be a regional thing. When I read bicycle touring journals, a lot of the authors start to hate the South partly because the roads aren't as well-kept and partly because they encounter that attitude more often. I'm willing to bet the Northeast (NY, NJ, etc.) is similar.

Patti said...

I don't mean to sound negative, but I am curious...with the spending you are doing right now, and Mrs. F. having you and Kim over for dinner, have you paid her back the money she gave you?

Lizzy said...

OMG I noticed you change your blog title! It's great to see you taking steps to regain your independence, but I agree with everyone else -- stick to Walmart. Your boss seems willing to work with your mental illness and work limitations, whereas Kroger is an unknown. I also fear that interacting with so many people at Kroger could trigger a mental relapse.