Friday, July 9, 2010

Camera Back in Action!

Well, I just couldn’t wait.  I just drove down to Auburn and bought that camera part I needed.  Dad said he had ordered it for months, but he kept lying to me about it.  Nice thing about having money is you can just go buy it yourself.  No more dependency!  Now, I am off to get to work on that yard care project.  I have put it off long enough today!  It is so hot outside, though. lol  I am being a wuss today.  I am tired and just want to play with my camera after months of not having it in action.  Maggie captions anyone? LOL



C.A. said...

Whenever I get a new "toy" I want to stay home and play with it too!

It baffles me why your father told you these past months he ordered this? Your camera has brought you joy and I would think he'd want you to be happy. Enjoy having your camera back! We are ready for some visual stimulation from the new, independent YOU!



glittermom said...

Good for you...I am so glad we can see pictures again...and I am happy for you..I know you loved that camera..

kristi said...

So glad you got your camera working again!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hi everyone, meet my friend, Mr. Casualnoanxiety! He just calmly drove to Auburn, went to Best Buy, bought a sorely needed camera part and drove home - so he could go finish up his part-time job! All after working his butt off in this heat all morning!

All with no problems at all! Yep, he's pretty cool!


justLacey said...

Awesome purchase! I know you are beaming.