Friday, July 2, 2010

The Call of the Katydids Ends…

The katydids always quit singing a few hours before dawn.  It is like this mass suddenness of quiet that is eerie. There will be a few stragglers still singing, but they soon quit as well.  That was my cue to head home to write about my night’s experiences and to sleep awhile. 

Tonight’s Coast to Coast AM was thoroughly uninspiring.  The guest ranted about the FDA being a scam for three hours. Accusations of collusions with drug companies abounded.  I wanted stories of bigfoot, space and the cosmos, and UFOs – all hallmarks of the program and for which make it so fantastical and interesting.  I miss the days when Art Bell was a regular host.  He always had the most interesting guests on.  Coast to Coast AM has made attempts to be more mainstream lately and it can make for some lackluster programs at times.  I especially abhor the current events segment at the beginning of each show.  All news is gossip for which I don’t care for or want to hear. The saving grace for tonight’s show was Joshua P. Warren’s “paranormal moment” for the last hour. 

I called dad’s cellphone after arriving home.

“We’re passing LaGrange on our way to the airport,” he said excitedly.  “I can’t wait to see my grandchildren.  We will be in D.C. this afternoon!”

They will be back next Thursday and I am in Charlie’s able and safe hands for a week. Dad was very late last night arriving with my medications having to rally his pharmacists for a week without him.  He talked on his cellphone directing pharmacy business for the whole time he was here.  I got a glimpse into the kind of stress he has to deal with on a daily basis with that pharmacy.

After awaking, I plan on cutting my grass and Joyce’s as well.  I am eager to try out my newly renovated riding lawn mower.  It’s a guy thing I think.  I also want to ask my elderly neighbor, Ed, if he needs his grass cut.  I have noticed it getting high and he is cutting it with lass regularity.  He is in his early eighties now and I fear he is unable to do it much these days.  Maybe he will pay me to add icing to the cake. His late wife taught me piano lessons for ten years so we have a report. 

Tomorrow will an exciting day.  I called Charlie last night and asked him if Horsefly was going to the movies on Saturday as he normally does.  He said of course.  Our routines never change.  I want to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse so I am riding down with Horsefly to the movies.  I wonder if he will sit and watch it with me?  It will be good to see his giddy smile and hear his laughs as he watches the movies like he normally does.    


Anonymous said...

andrew I pray your ok. I cant seem to get you on facebook so i guesse you deleted me or facebook.

I hope your ok, please be careful


becomingkate said...

I think it's wonderful if your neighbour will let you mow his lawn. It's helpful and makes a good summer job!

Mary K said...

Just wanted you to know I'm here, I'm reading, and I'm thinking about you.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Will you be mowing for your neighbors just to get your hands on more $$? Or is it what I hope it is. These poor older folks just need a little help.

Oh, how I wish I lived closer. My two 'attitude adjusters', Dixie and Rascal, and I would be over there every day with something for you to do. I don't take no for an answer either!

Please stay sober - and tell us how you are. I think you're just playing us.

Love ya,

PipeTobacco said...


Katydids are fascinating creatures... have you spent much time looking at them up close? Perhaps when you eventuallly get your camera fixed, they would be an interesting subject for you to try with the macro setting on your camera?


Anonymous said...

Hey , Pipe!
" Wild Irish Rose" is a cheapo fortified " bum wine" with an 18% alcohol content. Swilling 2 " large bottles " of that hooch at 1 sitting is hardly an example of " moderation". Most hardcore street drunks can get blitzed on just 1 bottle of that stuff. For a " professor" , you sure don't do your research!

kristi said...

I love to mow, and I have two mowers. So it's not just a guy thing..LOL.