Saturday, July 3, 2010

2.5 Billion Year-Old Fossils Found -World's Oldest

untitled At 2.1 billion years old, a new fossil could be the earliest known multicellular life form.The earliest life to display multicellularity is a hotly debated subject, mainly because of questions of definition. Until now, the 1.9 billion year old Grypania fossils, found in Michigan, were widely seen as the first clusters of organized and communicating cells. But new fossils (pictured left), from Gabon, West Africa, may take the prize.

2.5 Billion Year-Old Fossils Found -World's Oldest


Anonymous said...

r u going to bring booze along on ur camping trip? DON'T DRINK & DRIVE! u've really fallen off the wagon and become self-destructive this time. u should call 911 and ask to be voluntarily admitted to detox or a psych unit. call ur dad immediately and tell him about how u have been drinking like a wino. u have violated his trust. don't expect him to trust u with 2 cents to rub together for a loooong time to come.

Anonymous said...

I called the pharmacy. You lucked out. They didn't answer. I'll try again each day until someone does.

Enjoy it while it lasts.


Beth said...

You just posted on Twitter about the comments on your blog, and you say "I didn't know I was hated."

If people didn't care about you, why on earth would they bother to say anything? Why do you think people are trying to contact your family? It's not for grins or out of hatred or plain meanness, Jonathon. It's because none of us want you to self-destruct like this. We believe you are going through a manic high -- which we've seen before, about once a month lately -- where you just abandon any semblance of sanity and start this downward spiral.

Instead of telling someone that you are horribly anxious and feeling ill, you self-medicate. With Dad and Mom gone, you're without barriers, and you're taking full advantage of that. Charlie is going to be devastated by what you're doing and will, I suspect, blame himself. Your relationship will definitely be impaired.

I liked the suggestion that you call a detox or crisis clinic and admit yourself to keep yourself safe. You know Charlie or Mrs. Florene would take care of Maggie for you.

I just don't know if you have enough presence of sane mind left to be able to do that.

Your meds are all off: you badly need an intervention to help keep you safe -- which is all any of your regular readers want here. It's because we DO care. Not because you're 'hated.'


Hap Joy Free said...

Beth, what lovely and honest words. Im afraid Jonathon cant hear them at the moment.

I hope he can remember how much his fathers love and trust was once a strong factor in his recovery.

This wont continue for long, for an alcoholic can rarely control their self destruction from those who love them.

Anonymous said...

heh heh, alcohol is a great social lubricant. a man is judged by what he drinks! that sexy chick in the park talked to you when she saw you were a THUNDERBIRD man - a fearless risk taker , hard enough to protect and please any woman. those young studs in the park wanted to test your game instead of mug you when they saw you were a STEEL RESERVE man- a tough, resolute loner no one messes with! what would have happened if any of those people caught you drinking a Walmart grape soda? they'd have thought you were a penniless wimp - only low-income pre-schoolers drink that sickly sweet stuff !
so you're keeping company with 2rough characters , Wild Irish ROSA & THUNDERBIRD, the BITCH & the BIRD in hobo slang! that ROSIE is 1 jealous warrior queen with a stiletto stomp & a steel-toed kick! a broad who is hard to shake, she WON'T take "no" for an answer! she steals your heart & eats it for breakfast! she expects her love-slaves to work & FIGHT hard for the PLEASURES she bestows . TBIRDIE is one tough too, a POWER animal who sinks his talons into your soul. it can be horrifying to get him off your mind once you have tasted his strength! so many drunkards in detox wail in agony as his claws are yanked out of them.
my point is neither to enourage you to drink nor to dissuade you . I just want you to ask yourself if you are strong and brave enough to handle these manly quaffs. YOU ARE A GROWN MAN! the decision should be yours alone.