Monday, June 7, 2010

This and That…

  • A schizophrenic man once messaged me and told me he walked all day.  He couldn’t sit down.  That is my life at this moment.  Walking calms me and centers me.  It helps control the mental malaise I am under.
  • Dad called me this morning and couldn’t get me.  It worried him.  I was asleep.  He wanted to tell me J.W. was working in the yard and his truck was parked in the driveway.  He didn’t want me to hit it when I rounded the corner. 
  • I read a long time yesterday about the homeless mentally ill.  I was especially interested in stories of people who are going through this.  One story particularly touched me about a black lady who would stand out in front of an eating establishment all day panhandling and talking to her demons. 
  • I am thinking I must become a better advocate for the homeless and mentally ill.  I was once homeless as well and know all too well what it entails.
  • Don’t feed the trolling folks as far as that anonymous commenter was concerned.  It is all about attention, negative or positive.  I find it supremely sad that they are using a seriously mentally ill man’s blog to vent their vitriol.  It is best to ignore them. 

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This IS The Fun Part! said...

But, Andrew . . . have you at least tried checking with the doctor? I just don't understand how things could get so bad this quickly unless there was a problem with this new combination of medicines you're on.

I know that every time we screw around with my medications, my depression and anxiety go completely out of whack. Happens every dang time we try something new!

It sure can't hurt to ask and see if that's the problem? I'm really worried that this is going on for too long.

I do have to say, though - it's your situation - and here lately you have made some pretty darned good decisions for yourself. Just be sure that you think things through before you make any BIG moves! Like - let's NOT try camping (except maybe in the back yard)! I'd have no one to nag all day!

You know I love you,