Tuesday, June 8, 2010


“Mom?” I asked a moment ago on the phone. “What would you say is your biggest symptom of your schizophrenia?”

“Oh,” mom replied, thinking. “I think my dependence on your father is so telling of my schizophrenia.  I am dependent on him for everything.  He handles my money.  My medications.  My general being.”

“It is the same for  me, too, you know,” I told her.  “Dad pretty much runs my life, my money, my healthcare.”

“What would be your biggest symptom?” mom then asked me.

“Lately, it has been stir craziness,” I replied. “I can’t even sit down for ten minutes until I am up and walking.”

“You and I don’t have an easy row to hoe do we?” mom asked.

“No we don’t,” I replied. “But I think you and I are some pretty amazing people despite our limitations.”

“I like that,” mom said. “I am going to think about that today.  You made me feel better.”

I hung up the phone always for the better from one of my calls to mom. 


This IS The Fun Part! said...

You and your mom each need to help one another through the rough and the easy times! You share something that few others do - and it's a strange, special bond.


Leaking Moonlight said...

Hey, Andrew. I'm happy for you that things are perking up. And it is really nice to hear from you more often.

(It just tickles me to read in print how we Southern folk talk. When I was little I thought people were telling me I "had a tough road to hold." True enough either way.)

Anonymous said...

My biggest symptom these days is agoraphobia. I am afraid to go out of the house! My voices bother me too!


Summer said...

You ARE amazing Andrew! I wish I had the talent for writing, music and art that you've got in your little finger! And don't forget your kindness....