Monday, June 28, 2010

Spirits Lifted…

I heard the familiar honk of mom’s horn as I sat in the den a moment ago.  My spirits were immediately lifted.  I was so hungry for something other than mayonnaise sandwiches and the cokes would be a treat for later in the day when the anxiety subsided.  Maggie came tearing inside the house barking and whining furiously.  Mom said she could hear her out at the car from inside the house.

“Why don’t you get out and see Maggie?” I asked mom after walking out to the car. “She would love to see you.”

“Oh, I better stay in the car,” mom replied. “I don’t feel like walking that far.”

I couldn’t help but smile.  Mom and I are strange creatures.  We have our routines and it sends us into a tailspin when they are deviated upon. Mom was content to carry on our usual routine of the drop off. 

“How are you feeling?” mom asked as she usually does.

“I’ve had better days, but I feel better now,” I told her. “I am so hungry for a hamburger.”

Mom smiled and handed me the sack and told me to get my cokes off the backseat.  I watched as she drove away and I walked back inside.  It is going to be a better day.  I can just feel it.  It is these little joys that can so make life worth living.  

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glittermom said...

what was the fast food menu for today?