Saturday, June 5, 2010

Positive Thought for the Day…

I’ve been playing mind tricks with myself today.  Like what if I where dead then I would love to just be here now problems and all?  And what if I were in jail?  I would appreciate the freedom I have now.  I am happy at the moment.   Just glad to be alive.  Yes, I don’t feel well, but it could be worse.   I want my family.  I want them to swoop in with helpful medications and alleviate this.  It is within their capabilities.  I just can’t tell them and burden them with these problems.  I have seemingly been one problem after another for most of my life. 

Well?  Let’s try to be happy!  Be thankful for your mental and physical health.  It can leave you at a notice.  I am thankful to be alive today, smoking some cigarettes, and listening to Coast to Coast AM.   I am off to watch my other love, the weather.   It is starting to get interesting for the afternoon.


Hap Joy Free said...

your attitude of gratitude is inspirational. This too shall pass, friend.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Thank goodness for interesting weather! We had a helluva storm come through here the other day. Got 2 inches of rain in about 45 minutes - with thunder and lightning to go with it. It was beautiful and frightening all at the same time! Dixie complained about having to "go" in the rain!

When do you see the shrink next? Can you talk to him freely - or is that something that dad gets in on, too? Maybe if the shrink knew that you can't tell dad the honest truth about your condition, it might make a difference in your treatment. I'm just stabbing around here trying to find a way to help . . . oh how I wish I had the answer . . sigh.

Give Maggie a good ruffle of the fur for me.


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