Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Positive Things Afoot…

Well, I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  Calling my doctor is a complicated affair.  I can’t call long distance on my phone at home and have to call from mom and dad’s thus getting them involved.  I called my doctor this morning despite the complications.  They are starting me back on my Risperdal injection Thursday.  We both agreed that despite having symptoms of schizophrenia on it, I did do much better.  This will also alleviate the extreme drowsiness I experienced on Zyprexa.  I am very happy and excited to get back to my “old ways”.

Dad told me last night that I needed something to do and I agreed.  I have been harping on going back to work and this has alarmed him.  He thought any day now I would have a job.  I have filled out countless applications a few weeks ago.   He told me last night that he is paying for me to go back to college.  We will start in the fall.  Just one class at first to see how I do.  I am excited and relieved.  I badly need more structure in my life so this bodes promising.

I went to AA last night.  I swear the amount of material they read at the start of a meeting just seems to grow.  It was a good meeting though – talking about higher powers and higher power prayer.


This IS The Fun Part! said...

That, my friend, is a wonderful post! Brightened my morning for sure. I am so glad that you thought this through and have taken the action you decided was right for you!

Love ya,

Beth said...

Good on calling the doc and also on going back to what seems to work for you -- maybe he can add in something to enhance that. One class at a time is also good.

Lena said...

If you are up to it, college classes sound good. You can always audit them, too!

GREAT that you called the Dr. We all were hoping u would.

justLacey said...

I think college is a wonderful idea. I know you will worry about your social anxieties, but you can do a lot of online classes. Please don't talk yourself out of it before fall. I think it might do you a world of good and I would be anxious to hear about your adventures there.