Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moaning and Guttural…

“What in the hell is that sound?” dad asked a few minutes ago as he was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

It sounded like this low loud moaning guttural sound coming from my bedroom window.  I took a shower using my prescription shampoo and put on my lotion on my forehead and ears.  My skin condition is quickly clearing up.  I had the worst case of dandruff you have ever seen. 

“Go outside and see what it is,” dad said after a breakfast of warmed honey buns and cheese toast. 

We both walked outside to the side of the house and something started hopping.  Maggie went crazy and was like, “BREAKFAST!!!!!”  It was the biggest bullfrog you have ever seen – escaped from the creek down the road. 

“Don’t let Maggie eat it,” dad said frantically as I grabbed her and held her back.

We caught the slimy frog, boxed it up, and dad left to go put it in the creek on his way to work.  I swear!  That was one loud frog.  I had told a Twitter friend it sounded like an exotic animal outside my window – like something out of Africa.  


Karita said...

How cool! Don't suppose you got a picture?

KathyA said...

I just love frogs!

NellJean said...

My last dog tried to eat a toad once. You've heard the expression, "Sick as a Dog?" Well, Cur was sick as a dog. We were in the golf cart shortly after he ate the thing and he was leaning over the side going 'Bluuuuh' as we motored along. Maggie would not have been a happy camper if she tried to eat that critter.

PipeTobacco said...


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forsythia said...

So you and your dad had an encounter with Jeremiah the bullfrog.

Happyone :-) said...

I've heard those frogs along the lake where I walk, but have yet to see one. I always have my camera with me so maybe one day I'll get a photo!!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Dang, I was kind of hoping for the Monitor Lizard! Think of it! You and Maggie on Fox News telling the tale of the great lizard hunt!

Somehow I don't think the bullfrog story will draw the same attention!

Oh well, it added a little excitement to your day! And to mine as well!

Have a happy evening!