Monday, June 14, 2010

Late Night Ramblings…

Two nights in a row have had Coast to Coast AM shows not to my liking per se.  Tonight, they are proselytizing on about the oil spill.  I am so tired of hearing about that oil spill with nothing getting done.  Get back to me when some progress is achieved.  All the idle words are getting old.  We can put a man on the moon and we can’t stop an oil spill? I don’t understand that. 

I thought of closing down the blog tonight.  The other day I decided to just be as boring as possible thus my new long blog post format and will kill the blog that way.  I know these long posts are boring and hard to read – not my usual dialogue.  Saturday saw 267 unique visitors and I only got a small handful of comments.  That was discouraging.  I didn’t want to blog anymore with that kind of meager feedback.  Thanks to those of you that comment regularly.  You are appreciated.  I have been trying to practice what I preach and have been commenting more on my favorite blogs.  I think it is so appreciated and important for a blogger. 

Charlie cut my grass and it looks so good.  I was so proud.  We went to Arby’s afterwards and got the #19 special – a turkey sandwich and curly fries.  It was such a treat for me.  We also loaded my riding lawn mower onto dad’s truck and Charlie is going to get it fixed.  That way I can cut my own grass for a change.  I can see myself toodling around the yard like my elderly neighbor, Mr. Ed. Because of my anxiety, I just can’t use a push mower as it increases my heart rate and I have a panic attack.

How am I feeling?  I feel good right now.  I slept from 9pm to 2am, got up, and started listening to Coast.  I am able to sit still and browse the web and that is so novel for me these days.  I really went for weeks and was either sleeping or pacing the floor.  I like this being able to sit still and have peace of mind.  I don’t want it to end.  It is so nice.

The Homeless Guy expressed distress with his life on Facebook tonight.  He said he shouldn’t do it in polite company and I knew how he felt. I wanted to write him an encouraging comment, but then decided it would antagonize him.  He doesn’t like me at all.  My blog was once called The Grumpy Old Man and it was a moniker given to me by him.


forsythia said...

I'm up, too, and I don't like it. I want to be asleep now. Could it have been the coffee at 7 PM? :-)

Every once in awhile, you say you're thinking of shutting down your blog. I sure hope you don't. Your blog has been a revelation, an education. Fun to read too.

Anonymous said...

i hope you dont shut the blog down. i have absolutely nothing in common with you nor do we share any of the same problems but i've grown to love your blog and check in multiple times a day for a new post. i am rooting for you!

justLacey said...

Yours is the only blog I read anymore. I had 3 others, but found I didn't enjoy them as much and stopped following them. I hope oyu choose to keep going. You are an inspiration to those who read. Life is hard and yet you keep going and have not lost hope. I look forward to seeing where your new endeavors take you and would be sad not to find out.

Berryvox said...

I read a whole bunch of blogs that I never comment on. I think most people just can't think of anything to say or don't want to repeat what somebody else already said.

Cheryl said...

Some of us (me included) depend on seeing your daily musings. Please keep writing. You know commenting is sometimes hard to do :))

This IS The Fun Part! said...

But, Andrew - who would I nag if you no longer blog? My poor husband just can't take ALL of it. Or worse yet, if I had no outlet for all this nagging - and held it all in - I would probably one day just EXPLODE!!!

Try to find a smile today - and give Maggie a hug!
Love ya,

Karen said...

I've decided to comment because I read regularly and never comment. I also hope you don't shut down the blog. I think your story is interesting and inspiring. Your honesty very unique!

Sharon said...

I agree, your honesty is very inspiring. You are unique in a world where people are becoming more and more insular and don't share themselves as readily as people did in the past. I hope you continue blogging, regardless of whether people respond to your blog posts or not. Of course it's your decision but at the risk of sounding selfish, if you're asking for a vote, I for one vote for you to continue to blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,If you ever stop blogging how will I know you are okay? Please try to remember those of us who care for you across the miles when you contemplate abandoning this blog.Yes I am selfish because I would miss you if you were not here.
OTOH,I would never want blogging to be a burden for you.
Love,hugs, and belly rubs,
Billie in Missouri

kristi said...

Don't stop blogging!!! If you had that many visitors, you know people are reading!

PipeTobacco said...


I would hope that you do not stop blogging... because it is a true, creative outlet for you, and is a major way in which you have a voice. Yet, of course it is your choice to do with it whatever you wish.

I do not know if you consider my blog a favorite anymore or not (I suspect you do not, for if you have been commenting on the blogs you like, I have not seen a comment from you in several months.), but in case you are interested, I believe I have successfully converted to an RSS feed, if that is helpful to you.

Have you pursued anything in regards to your pipe and pipe tobacco purchase?


Anonymous said...

Mine is just one more kind voice of support from someone who reads your blog daily but never comments. There are a number of reasons to continue your blog... 1. We love you and care about you. 2. Down the road, how will you be able to document your remarkable journey if you don't have these blog postings as a resource to reference? 3. If we know what is going on, we know how to pray for you. 4. Your insight and compassion toward homelessness is inspiring. It's a perspective many cannot articulate and some of us are striving to achieve. Think of yourself as the general of a great army, leading the troops to freedom. 5. You have become part of our family. Therefore, we need updates. We want to know how our adult children are doing and how our other son, Andrew, is weathering life. 6. Finally, think about this: when we are all old and shuffling into the movie theater to see "Andrew Quixote's Quest," we would appreciate hearing a few opening remarks from the man himself. Now is the time to plan your discourse.

Leaking Moonlight said...

Hey, Andrew. I look for your blog first when I open my reader. You are a talented and interesting storyteller. And your honesty contributes to my life in a positive way.

(I follow many, many women who blog about sewing/crafts and their lives and children who literally have a handful of readers. Please don't get hung up on numbers; folks truly connect to you and your journey through your writing.)

Lena said...

I can't really add too much more than all that has been said above. The numbers are relative.

I would enjoy the readership that you have, but I know my blog is pretty boring. LoL

I love the blogger friends I have made and they have supported me during some tough times. So I really blog for myself, and if I get readers that stick with me, that is icing on the cake!

So I am saying that someone like you with such a unique story to tell and with a strong following has some really good reasons not to shut down!

PS. thanks for stopping by the other day. I so appreciated it!

Tee said...

I hope you continue to blog. Even though I rarely comment, I'm here on a daily basis. You are interesting and often LOL funny and you are an excellent writer. Keep up the blogging, please.