Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Great Tobacco Dilemma…

I just called dad to tell him to ask J.W. tomorrow where he gets his cigarettes.  J.W. smokes and he doesn’t have a lot of money so I thought he may know where to get cheap cigarettes.  Dad was excited about the idea as he pays for my cigarettes and it is now $80 dollars for two cartons of the cigarettes I smoke these days – not knowing of any cheaper alternatives. 

“Didn’t you tell me your professor friend has been telling you to smoke pipe tobacco?” dad also asked.

“My pipe is broken,” I replied.

“Do you think it will be cheaper to smoke pipe tobacco?” dad then asked.

“I think it would be considerably cheaper and more satisfying,” I replied.

“We are headed to discount tobacco in Opelika to get you a new pipe and some pipe tobacco this weekend,” dad told me. 

I hung up the phone smiling.  Ah, the art of smoking pipe tobacco.  How I have missed it.  I hope my professor friend will be pleased with this post.


Anonymous said...

I smoke too much too! It worries me and the sin taxes on cigarettes are outrageous. We really should quit, ya know? Why do so many schizophrenic people smoke? What does it do to our brains that makes it so much more pleasurable for us than normal people? It's intereting to think of, don't you think?


Andrew said...


I've read studies where 10 percent of the normal population smoke and 80 percent of schizphrenics smoke. It is certainly interesting to think of.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Andrew, have you heard about the e-cigarettes? Google it and read all about it. I am amazed!! The men I work with swear that it tastes just like a cigarette and the vapor looks just like smoke except there's no smell....not harmful to anyone. You get the nicotine you crave but no tobacco. And also no fire hazard either! From what I equivalent to a carton costs $15. Check it out, maybe its the answer. Good luck. p.s. Glad to see that you're getting back to your normal self.

Andrew said...

VAL!!!!!!! You are a godsend! That sounds like an incredible idea. I will Google it and see if dad is open to the idea. I would gladly use them if I could obtain them!

Andrew said...

Val, I just Googled it and it looks very promising. All I want is my nicotene fix and the experience of inhaling. These e-cigarettes look like the ticket.

Mary E. said...

It would be cheapest to just quit! Has that ever entered the equation?

Lena said...

I think that there is something about smoking that makes one feel grounded. I am not a smoker, but did a little bit when I was a teen. That is the feeling I remember.

Sometimes now the feeling of wanting to smoke comes over me, but never strong enough that I will actually go and buy them.

(M)ary said...

My brother saved a lot of money by smoking pipes and also rolling his own cigarettes. He has recently quit smoking which, of course, saves the most money.

PipeTobacco said...


I think pipe tobacco is of course a grand idea! It is considerably less expensive, more satisfying, a more "natural" form of the tobacco hobby, and a hobby that draws more positive glances from people than negatives overall... compared with cigarettes which tend to be more negatively viewed.

I am thinking you would not like the e-cigarette. I think they look somewhat strange and plasticy.


Anonymous said...

I frown on all tobacco users! They have no right to pollute the air we breathe! Only ignorant, anti-social fools would imperil their own health and that of others by knowingly indulging in such nasty habits.

Mary K said...

I have a student worker who uses the e-cigarettes and they work well for her.
I quit back in 2002. Cold turkey, but I was too stubborn for it not to stick. XD I think there is a connection between nicotine and a lot of mental illnesses. My anxiety & OCD kicked in fully after I quit.
I saw the price of a carton of my old brand of cigs the other day and I think I spit up a little at the price.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hi Andrew!

I've had a full day today! Had to hit Home Depot, the pet store, pharmacy, grocery store and gas station! Oh - and I stopped at Long John Silver's on the way home and got dinner so we wouldn't have to cook tonight! I'm pooped!

Looks like you had a pretty busy day yourself! What're you pissed at mom for??

Love ya,

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