Friday, May 14, 2010

This and That…

  • I used to sit in front of the computer for hours every day.  That has changed.  I have grown bored with the Internet.  My computer is now merely a blogging machine and a way to periodically check the NWS website for the weather. 
  • I was recently overjoyed when I realized my Wii will accept a standard USB keyboard.   I now exclusively use my Wii to browse blogs during the day as I listen to the radio.  
  • I was also recently overjoyed when I realized my Wii will play all my old GameCube games.  I am currently having fun with Super Mario Sunshine. 
  • Mrs. Florene called last night and talked for thirty minutes.   She has decided to buy her sister’s half of her mother’s property they own together.  She doesn’t want to sell it as her sister is insisting they do.  I tried my hardest to feign interest in the topic at hand, but I was dozing off pretty badly last night. 
  • Paranoia stuck badly last night.  I fear my father is lying to me about the computer part I need to get my camera working.  He assures me he got Tricia at the pharmacy to order it, but I fear he is just saying that to placate me.   He has done this before so it is not unprecedented.  I could tell my mother about the part and get her involved.  Dad would be angry, but I assure you the part would be here in a matter of days with mom nagging dad constantly.   As I’ve said before, my mother hates for me to have to do without and will go to great lengths to correct this.   I can’t get too angry at dad because I inherited his strong tendency to procrastinate.  Why do today when you can put it off till morrow?
  • Supper last night was a Lean Cuisine meal – chicken in peanut sauce.   I find myself heavily salting these Lean Cuisine meals as they can taste so bland.  I guess I am defeating the health benefits of eating these meals they so tout in their commercials.  I love the Lean Cuisine Asian selection of meals though.   My before bed snack was a handful of Cheeze-its.   Lots more salt in my diet.    Cheeze-its are a snack I just about can’t put down or stop eating.   Maggie will not eat them, though, strangely. 
  • I am experiencing this extreme feeling of uneasiness and restlessness with the Haldol I am taking.   It started yesterday.   I asked dad last night if we need to call my p-doc, but he insisted we wait another week to see how I do.  I have a strong aversion to feeling uncomfortable so this is hard for me to do.  There is much talk by dad of putting me on Zyprexa again, but I told him firmly last night I wouldn’t take it.  I don’t want to get fat again and sleep my life away.   His reasoning is that my mother does so well on it and we should genetically have similar brain chemistry.  I try to tell him he is not a doctor nor my doctor for that matter.
  • The meter reader came yesterday and Maggie barked for two hours straight.   She was a coward yesterday and ran inside barking when he entered the fence.  Usually, she is nipping at his heels.  I try to anticipate him coming and have told him to knock on the door so I can get her inside.  
  • I really want to go to Wal-Mart to buy more cables for my home theater.  I want two optical digital cables (in and out) for my minidisc deck player.  They are expensive at about $12 dollars a piece.   I also need more RCA component cables to complete all my hookups.  
  • Dad remarked last night how clean my house was.   “It is a direct barometer of how well you are doing,” he told me.  I worry my house smells like stale cigarette smoke, but dad assured me it was a pleasant smell akin to the way his childhood home always smelled when he was growing up.  His father was a heavy smoker.  
  • I reinstated all my digital cable channels with a quick call to the cable company yesterday.   I have about a month of guilt free viewing until dad gets the next cable bill.  I fear he is going to get angry with me for doing this.  I want to get adamant that it is my money and I should have some say in how it is spent.   I am still marveling at the picture quality and sound of HDTV.   It just doesn’t get old to have 5.1 Dolby digital sound with my favorite television shows like Law and Order.  


forsythia said...

Have yourself a very good day, Andrew.

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Sir:

If you are concerned about the stale cigarette smell, perhaps you can ameliorate it by smoking aromatic pipe tobacco in your home for at least part of the time as a substitute. The aroma of pipe tobacco is (in my opinion) a very pleasant odor.

I notice that I do not seem to appear on your blog list at this time. I do not know if you have seen that I have a different template from before, and I believe this new template is one that *can* be subscribed to, if you have any interest in my blog anymore.


Mary K said...

I'm sorry to hear the med changes are leaving you feeling uncomfortable. I hope that clears up sooner rather than later. Hopefully your Wii is helping to get your mind off it some. I didn't know they played the old game cube games. Maybe I can use that as a selling point with the hubby. :p

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Hi Andrew,

I had a thought about bland food and your concern about over-salting. Have you ever tried soy sauce instead of salt? I find it adds flavor as well as saltiness so i use less than if it was just plain salt. And they now have low-sodium soy sauce.

Just a thought. :)

This IS The Fun Part! said...


I was going to suggest the soy sauce, too. Or - have you ever tried Mrs. Dash? I got put on a pretty strict less-salt diet at one point and Mrs. Dash was a real life saver! It's got lots of different herbs & spices - but no salt . . really adds flavor to those cardboard meals. I still use it almost every day, even though I no longer have to!

I'm pretty sure that you're aware that your paranoid suspicions about your dad really are caused by your medications - or lack of medications. If those feelings continue, YOU need to remember to say something to the doctor.

You are such a good writer - you should keep a diary of these feelings and problems so that when you do go see the doctor you can accurately tell him how and what you have been feeling. That could honestly be a HUGE help in your mental care.

For example - if he knew that the current medications made you edgy or paranoid or constantly sleepy, he could adjust whatever is necessary to eliminate the worst side effects and increase whatever positive benefits you're getting!

My doctor has been playing around with my antidepressant. So far I've had 3 full-out panic attacks and I don't know how many uncontrollable crying jags. . but we're working on getting it "balanced" back out. Soon!

Hoping for quick solutions for both of us!!

Love ya,

Joy Heather said...

Hi Andrew..I know how you feel about the salt..we know its bad for us, but most food is very bland without it..the soy sauce is a good idea, but many of those can be salty too..and then all the salt gives us a big thirst..we cant win !!..but i have to put some salt on most of my ready prepared meals, they just taste good without. I would be strong about your cable bill, after all like you say it IS your money, and its something you enjoy..your Dad may well be fine about it.

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