Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Thoughts at the End of the Blogging Day…

Pizza Time!

Mom’s been with me all day.  Dad has been working in the yard.  We ordered pizza tonight and it about drove Maggie crazy to get some.  The smell that wafted through the house was wonderful.

I cut my grass today and had a mini anxiety attack.  I felt dizzy as I put the finishing touches on the front yard.  I turned off the mower and sat on the steps.  My heart was beating something furiously.  It took a good thirty minutes to recover and I put the mower in the basement and called it a day.  I will finish tomorrow.

“Hallelujah!” dad said as he walked through my yard to bring my medications. “I love it when you cut your grass.  It looks so good. You are the only house on the block with a neat yard.”

Dad was in a good mood.  He asked me all about my 6pm AA meeting.  Today we discussed sponsorship – the bane of my existence in AA.

“I’ll be your sponsor,” dad said jokingly. “My first order to you is not to drink.”

I smiled and laughed.  Dad would be the sponsor from hell. 

Tonight, I called mom to get my cokes early.  I just needed some comfort.  She gleefully told me to come and get them which surprised me.  I have been less obsessive about the Cokes lately and I think mom has realized this.  They don’t think I am no longer out to get a buzz from the caffeine. 

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Where do you find all of those nice pictures?