Friday, May 14, 2010

Life’s Little Punctuations…

I sometimes wonder why I still write a blog.  My life is rather, or I should say, very boring these days.  Long gone are the days spent drinking down at the shopping center with George and the gang.   It’s life’s little punctuations that keep me writing I think.

One punctuation today was mom’s uncanny second sense about the level of paper towel and toilet paper I have in the house.  I ran out of both today and, low and behold, mom came by with a backseat full of both.

“How did you know I was out?” I asked her amazed at the second sense ability she has about that.

Well, this gets Maggie excited.  I get excited at seeing my mother – any break in the monotony that can be my and Maggie’s day is like candy to a kid.  We all have a good time during the delivery of such sundry items.   The excitement is similar to when George would bring me Cokes after a night of work as a surprise.   I would also get excited when George would sit with me as he got drunk and I could “drink” very vicariously through  his morning after-work ritual.   I always knew when we hit the ninth ice beer as George would begin to slur his words.  

Today, I want to go to Wal-Mart for home theater cables.   I said to mom, “Let me know if you go to Wal-Mart in the next few weeks as I want to go!”   This usually means it will be on the forefront of my mother’s mind as she gets her hair fixed today.   She will often drive back over to pick me up to “get it over with.”  Heh!  I hope so.  It’s these little punctuations that make my life so interesting these days in a sea of blandness that can be my everyday existence.   I get to “play” for a few short hours with the darling of my heart these days, my home theater. 

Well, I am off to shake the dew off my lily ergo take a pee.  It seems the six diet Cokes I just drank and that made me very chilly on a ninety degree day have passed on and are ready to be let loose again in another form.   Excuse me while I take a leave of absence from this blog post. 


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Just got to go out to the front yard and watch the Shuttle launch!

I know why you blog! You don't want to disappoint all your friends out here in the internet world. I can't speak for others - but from my little laptop here's how I feel about it. I consider a friend a friend. In the flesh, on the phone or on the computer. We're still friends! And you don't just cut friends off for no reason. If you never wrote again, I would honestly spend the rest of my life worrying about you - wondering what I did wrong - being afraid that the very worst possible things had happened to you.

Yes, my life would go on - but I value every friend in my life. And I would mourn the loss of you, as a friend, forever.

I think I'll go plant a flower and name it Jonathan!

Hope you get to WalMart before the day's over!


Anonymous said...

"Shake the dew off your lily" made me chuckle.

Annabel said...

I love the mundane stuff you write about such as the previous post about having Helen make spaghetti for supper... that's my favorite meal and love how you wrote about it. So just keep writing whatever's going on and I'll be reading.

Beth said...

As I've told you previously, your blog has helped me understand my schizophrenic daughter better -- why she does what she does sometimes, and how her thought processes may work. Or not work. You help me not to have expectations of her based on what she used to be, but rather to see her as she is now, day to day.

She used to be tremendously creative -- an actress, a radio DJ, an artist, a writer. She spends most of her days now either watching television or sleeping. I can't help but feel the creative part is still there, masked by meds and a mind diseased.

I see you much the same way. Your intelligence shines through your words; the fact that you write so expressively tells me you have talent and creativity, and your music was part of that too.

Thank you for helping me. I hope that perhaps I help you see things through parental eyes as well, at least a little, and some of the fear and sadness we have watching our children go through this ugly disease.

Please keep writing.


amelia said...

I don't comment much but read a few times daily and worry with the rest when you disappear for a day or two!!
Don't ever stop writing please, I love reading abut your days and even the fact that you have to go and lose some liquid!!
If you think your life is mundane, you should try mine...

Happyone :-) said...

I too read your blog every day and don't find it boring at all. I like reading about your days. I think we all think our own lives as a bit boring to other people. I can't understand why people read my blog.

Mary K said...

My mom used to say that....shake the dew off your lilly. :D
You're not boring at all. You notice little things I think some of us (me!) take for granted. And I think it's important to keep communicating with people - even more so when you're feeling mentally interesting. I know it keeps me from feeling so lonely and isolated.

Lord, I hope the weather breaks today and we at least get some thunderstorms. What is up with the dog days of August showing up in May?

Joy Heather said...

I NEVER find your Blog boring many of the others i would miss you & worry if you weren't writing for a day or two...i write my own blogs mostly for myself as i feel better after putting things into words, if anyone ever reads any of them it is a HUGE bonus to the way i notice you have read the one my Cat Bailey writes(with the occasional help of the other 3)LOL, hes a clever boy isn't he. But your blogs are always good to read, i feel i have goptten to know you and Maggie through your daily posts on your blog...hugs to you & Maggie..i do hope you get your camera fixed soon i miss your pics also.

mary said...

I always like the simpler posts anyway. The George stories are ok but I like it when you make the ordinary seem extraordinary.