Friday, May 14, 2010

Enter The Helen…

Helen just called me.  I was busy hanging curtains in my bedroom to make the room dark for Maggie to sleep during the day. 

“What do you want for supper, baby?” Helen asked. “Your daddy didn’t leave me a list today.”

I thought for a long second.  I have been craving a spaghetti supper, but dad’s words that Helen doesn’t cook well with recipes was in the back of my mind.

“Helen?  Do you ever cook spaghetti?” I asked.

“Sure sweetheart,” she said. “My son loves my spaghetti.”

“Cook that, some toasted garlic French bread, and a Caesar salad.”

“That sounds good!” Helen exclaimed as she then told me she was heading to the grocery store.

I haven’t done much today.  I got up at four as is my usual custom and listened to the tail end of Coast to Coast AM.   I was back in the bed around five and slept until ten.   I am now waiting on my diet Cokes to get cold in the freezer before I imbibe.   It is supposed to be really hot today – around ninety degrees.  This will keep me and Maggie inside I am sure.  

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Joy Heather said...

Hi Andrew,I hope you enjoyed your spaghetti meal...I love Pasta, especially spaghetti and home made Italian beef meat balls. I have a few different tomato based sauces that i add to the meat balls after i have cooked them, its making me hungry thinking about it..and warm garlic breadas well MMMmmmm lovely..have a lovely weekend hugs to you & Maggie..Joy