Monday, May 24, 2010

An Army of Action…

There was an army of action over at my parent’s house this morning.  J.W. was working in the backyard gathering downed pecan tree limbs.  Chemlawn was spraying the front yard for weeds and fertilizing it.  Helen was cleaning the basement.  Reed’s lawn service was cutting my late grandmother’s lawn. 

“How did dad get you to do such a arduous task today?” I asked Helen.

“He’s paying me forty extra dollars to do it!” she replied with a smile.

Helen was whistling as she swept the basement floor.  I headed straight to one of the fridges downstairs to get two extra drinks that were cold. 

“What did you think of my fried chicken Friday?” Helen asked.

“I could eat a whole fried chicken of yours it was so delicious,” I told her.

Helen got the biggest smile on her face.  She was beaming with pride.  I gathered my drinks and left.  I was very keen on getting home to get on the computer while I drank my diet colas. 

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