Monday, May 3, 2010

Afternoon Report…

An Incredible Surprise

Mom pulled up in front of the house a moment ago with fast food Monday’s.  In a sack were three regular Cokes, three double cheeseburgers, and a regular order of fries.  These little treats or “little joys” as my friend Liz would call them mean so much to me.  It breaks up the monotony that can be my life some days. 

“Look on the backseat,” mom said. She had been to Wal-Mart.  Sitting on the seat was a box that read Pioneer.  She had bought my Blu-Ray player.

“The salesperson helped me with the cables to get and I got you two movies to watch,” mom told me. “I used my birthday money from your father I never spent months ago.”

I thanked mom profusely.  It was like Christmas all over again.  I couldn’t wait to get inside and hook it up.  Mom followed me after locking her car and putting her purse in the trunk as is her custom.

“That picture is just gorgeous,” mom said as I skipped through scenes from Avatar.  “I have never seen colors so rich on a TV before.  I now know why you wanted it so badly.”

Mom is still here watching the rest of the movie.  Maggie is just overjoyed at the company.  I am sitting here with my laptop as I watch as well.  It has been a good afternoon and a much needed surprise. 


Anonymous said...

i am happy for you to get the blue ray player. it will be great to watch movies. i hope that you are taking care of yourself. i am glad that you are finding little joys in your days. it does help to remember these things. liz

This IS The Fun Part! said...

That is absolutely wonderful!! The fast food was a real treat - but the back seat surprise is GREAT! Enjoy, Andrew, enjoy!!