Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yum! Yum!

“Pull up a seat, baby, and eat a sandwich!” Helen said very happily at lunch today.

She had made her chicken salad for mom’s lunch – one of my favorite sandwich salads she makes.  I watched as she stood at the sink and sliced a tomato for my sandwiches.  Mom was sitting across from me at the table eating some potato chips.  She had finished her sandwiches Helen had made for her. 

“Your father called doctor K. to get me something to take to calm me down,” mom said blithely.

“And???” I asked.

“I’ve slept all day.  I am just dreading Mexican Tuesday’s with Mrs. Sandra.”

Now this was back to normal.  It is normal for mom to dread activities and to not be constantly driving around running errands and spending money.  She was so hyper yesterday that dad and I just knew she was going to have a car wreck.  

I quickly ate my sandwiches.  I kissed Helen on the cheek telling her she was the best Southern cook in the South.  If a black woman could have blushed, she would have.

“Where are you going?” mom asked, not wanting me to go.

“I’ve got to go check on Mrs. Florene.”

“Baby, wait a second and let me put some chicken salad in a container so you can carry it to her,” Helen told me.

I thanked Helen for the thought and headed to the former home of George.  He has taken up new residence now.  Mrs. Florene was in good spirits – watching her daily soaps.  I walked outside and let the Caprice run for about fifteen minutes and headed home.  I wasn’t in a mood to socialize much today.  Now, I am very tired feeling shaky.  I am fixing to go curl up in my lazy boy and listen to the radio.   I just spent $60 dollars for digital cable TV and an HDMI cable to go with it and all I want to do is listen to music that is freely gotten over the airwaves.  Go figure. 


Anonymous said...

that was kind of you to have visited mrs. florence. i am glad that your mom is not hyper today that could have been dangerous to drive. i had a good day. i hope that your relaxed when listening to th e radio. take great care of yourself.

Mary K said...

Hope you're taking it easy in your lazy boy and not feeling shaky any longer.
It's not about the $60. It's about options. :p