Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Quest for a Stronger Smoke…

Dad orders me “light” cigarettes because he believes they are healthier on your lungs – the stronger filter trapping more carcinogens and tar (which is a myth. I just smoke more.).  I find them lacking as far as a smoke goes.  I want lots of smoke in my all or nothing manner so I cut the filters in half. lol  Just another one of my idiosyncrasies. 

004 copy

The filter is cut so we are ready to imbibe. 

005 copy

I keep the unused filter ends in a cup to stay organized and to throw away later.  They often go flying across the room when I snip them with the scissors and find if I point the end of the cigarette into a cup I don’t make a mess. 

006 copy


Joy Heather said... are funny, fancy wanting lots of smoke!!..but we all have our little idio..whatsists dont we LOL

mxtodis123 said...

What your dad doesn't realize is that even the light cigs are bad for the lungs...some even worse because you tend to smoke more to get satisfied. In my smoking days I used to try the lights, but went through a pack like nothing.

Blogger said...

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