Friday, April 23, 2010

My Thoughts at the End of the Blogging Day…

Putting My Life in God’s Hands…

Well, I made it to my eye doctor’s appointment.  Mom babysat me the whole time making sure I went – sitting in the lobby reading a book as Dr. B checked my eyes.  She even drove me down there fearing I would have an anxiety attack.  I usually drive mom and I.  I was putting my life in God’s hands.  Mom drives like a little old lady. 

“You have Keratacona like your father,” Dr. B said. “A deformation of the corneas.  It sometimes gets worse with age.”

I ordered soft contacts that corrected astigmatism and they will be here Tuesday.  “It’s a crap shoot whether you will be able to see with them or not,” the doctor told me not sounding too reassuring. “We are just going to order you a trial pair.”

It was good seeing Mrs. Barbara – the former stepmother of my best friend in high school.  She didn’t recognize me at first I had lost so much weight in the two years it had been since I had seen her last.  She has worked for Dr. B for literally decades.  

Mom and I left the eye doctor’s and went straight to Wal-Mart.  AGAIN!!!  LOL

“Let’s look at the Blu-Ray players once again,” mom said as we headed towards the very back of the store.

Mom limped along very slowly as I grew impatient and more excited with every step.  I would have to stop walking to let mom catch up with me. 

“We could have high definition movie night every Thursday,” I said excitedly when she caught up to me at one point, trying to think of anything that would sway my mother’s intentions of getting me one.

“Too pricey,” she finally said as we looked at all the models available. “I still think you need to ask your father.  Let’s spend his money instead.”

I laughed and smiled.  I am too afraid of my father and afraid to ask for such a frivolous thing from him.

We left Wal-Mart after mom purchased a new coffee maker and raided my father’s pharmacy for lots of things like nonperishable food, drinks, toilet paper, deodorant, paper towels.

“Jesus Christ!” dad exclaimed as mom enlisted Tim, dad’s home health care supervisor, to load her car with some of the heavier and bulkier goodies.  “It’s like the Mongols have invaded and are looting and plundering the store.”

I told you mom and I are on a high.

Mom and I arrived back her house just as Helen was putting the finishing touches on supper.  She had cooked fried pork chops, squash with Vidalia onions, green beans with red skinned new potatoes, cornbread, salad with ranch dressing, and banana pudding.  I wanted to eat mine at my house so Helen made me a big to-go plate of food. 

“Mrs. Martha? Can I borrow forty dollars?” Helen asked mom as I listened in intently, ever mindful of the interaction between mom and Helen which is always interesting.

Mom reached into her purse and gave Helen the money.

“Don’t you dare tell your father Helen borrowed money from me,” she told me. “He would jump all over her saying she was taking advantage of me and my tendency to be soft about such things.”

I promised I wouldn’t and left to drive home to eat.  It has been nice being back home this evening and I am fixing to settle into my lazy boy and listen to weather radio for hours.  Another purchase from Wal-Mart today.  I hope you’ve all had a good day and I will write again in the morning.   

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justLacey said...

I have tried the astigmatism contacts several times and no luck for me yet. I can see ok for a while and then things get progressively blurry. Hopefully they will come out with something better in the near future. I would so love to lose these glasses.