Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phone Calls Make My Heart Palpitate…

For a guy with phone phobias, I seem to get a lot of phone calls.  Mostly they are from family, but I got a telemarketer this morning.

“I thought y’all couldn’t start calling until nine!” I told the young sounding lady. 

She was trying to sell me a credit card.  When she completely ignored me and continued on with her spiel, I hung up.  I don’t have much patience for that shit.  By that time, my heart was racing and then I got to feeling badly for hanging up so abruptly.  I hate that crap.  I hate being imposed upon with my social anxieties as they are.   I also hate telemarketers and I am on the do not call list and she still called.  Shit happens it seems.

Well, mom called right after the telemarketer.  I let the answering machine pick up fearing it was the young lady calling back to berate me for hanging up on her. 

“Mom, get me caller ID,” I told her. “My phone will play a special ring when y’all call with caller ID and that will let me know it is you.”

“I’m calling the phone company now,” she said and hung up the phone.

Mom was on a mission.   I smiled as I walked into the kitchen to pour me a glass of soda.  Dad is just going to die.  The extra charge for digital cable and now caller ID is going to send him over the financial edge.    


Anonymous said...

i get so fru strated with telemarketers. i am also on the do not call list but they still call. i do not want to spend the cost of caller i.d. but i think for you it is great idea. i hope that you are having a good day. today was the day i saw al and andy so i am happy to have had them here but am glad that it is just gracie and i now. liz

This IS The Fun Part! said...

When I got my cable HDTV, it came with FREE caller ID! As long as the TV is on, all I have to do is glance at the screen and up in the corner a box appears with the name and/or phone # of the caller!

You may not have to pay for the extra phone service!