Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

I had an old grade school friend visit the house yesterday.  He didn’t recognize me, but I recognized him.  He was a social outcast in school and had a terrible stuttering problem.  I felt for him as he still stuttered something terrible yesterday.   He wanted to cut my grass and my heart went out to him.  He looked so poor – like dirt poor.  I didn’t have a dollar to my name, but offered for him to come inside and have a soda.  He looked hot and was sweating profusely.  “Gotta find some yards to cut.  I need money badly,” he promptly replied and left.  His name was Jeff.  I would have given him the shirt off my back if he needed it. I just couldn’t give him any money.  The joys of my economy. 

Computer Stuff…

I went on a wild search for an unlocked bios for my gaming computer’s video card.  With the luck of Google, I found it! I flashed the bios and overclocked my video card till I had artifacts and backed it off some.  I am now running at GTX levels and that card was $200 dollars more expensive than mine.  Ah, the joys of overclocking – getting power for free.

Fun With Dad…

Dad was excited last night because I cleaned my house when he brought my medications.

“Let me look at every room!” he said walking throughout the house. “This is just wonderful. Won’t you sleep better tonight with a clean house?”

I blushed, but loved the positive attention.  We then took my meds, fed Maggie, and sat down to talk for the day.  I told dad how excited I was to talk to my high school friend Dori and to read her blog.  Our class reunion is coming up July 17th and dad asked me if I was going.

“I’d rather be drawn and quartered,” I replied. “I didn’t like most of those people when I was in high school and I doubt they’ve changed much since then.”

Dad told me I had a terrible attitude about the whole affair.  I just laughed it off.  I really don’t want to go.  It would be social anxiety hell. 

Becoming a Twitter Lover…

I am really enjoying Twitter! As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it.  I am chatting with people all over the world! The UK. Australia. New Zealand. Germany.  I had a woman send me a message this morning that the Chinese food in Australia was rubbish and they don’t even give you an eggroll.  i laughed and wrote back that I was going to express mail her some eggrolls.

I also had an interaction with a guy named ThatNeilGuy and it miffed me.  I had wrote I hated the dealsplus posts everybody does and that I would unfollow anyone who did it, and he started sending me dealsplus retweets.  I couldn't decide if he was kidding or serious.  i just laughed in my usual kind way and tried to play along.  I love his tweets and would hate to unfollow him. 

There is another lady I am so connected with right now.  She’s had breast cancer and a double mastectomy and just hates God and blames him for her woes.  I can so understand how she feels with my own trials and tribulations with schizophrenia.  There was a time in my life I abhorred religion and God – blaming him for all my problems – that he was mean and unjust.  I just couldn’t understand how a loving and kind God would allow such an abomination to happen.   I just listen to her tweets and try to be supportive.  I don’t preach or try to sway her back to the light.  Live and learn as the old saying goes.  


Joy Heather said...

I hope you dont stop your Blog Andrew..coz i dont think i will use twitter...i dont know how anyone could have the same E-mail address as me..that is surely impossible ?/..but i cant join twitter because i keeps telling me my E-Maill address is in use !!..i could get myself a new e=mail..but i'm not sure its worth the bother

Andrew said...

Joy, don't worry. I am not going to quit blogging. I love it ten times more than Twitter. Here, I have more of a community. Twitter, you only get 140 characters to say what you want to say.