Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Thoughts for the Blogging Day…

A Delicious Breakfast Over Conversation…

Mrs. Florene called me early this morning.  “Baby, let’s go to the Waffle House and get a ham and cheese omelet.” I overcame my social anxieties and drove us down to the Valley.  We went in Mrs. Florene’s Buick Skylark to let it run some – a car that fascinates me.  It is a early nineties model with only 18,000 miles on the clock.  It has the infamous General Motor’s quad4 engine – an engine that has always intrigued me.  We talked mainly about George over our meal.  George is in the prison in Atmore, Alabama.  He got 1 year and 6 months in jail.  Atmore is on the Alabama/Florida state line so I don’t know how much we will be able to visit him.  It is a five hour drive.  Mrs. Florene used some of her precious savings to hire George a lawyer and he got George a reduced sentence with a plead of guilty.  She said the lawyer said he should have gotten three or four years with all the DUI’s George has had and the circumstances of his arrest. 

I also learned the details of George’s arrest this morning from Mrs. Florene.  George was blacked out from drinking copious amounts of bourbon.  The police officer said in court that he was sitting in a parking lot downtown and watched as George came swerving down the road and ran over a stop sign.  George continued on oblivious to the policeman, the glaring police lights, and the sirens blaring behind him.  They finally got him pulled over after several other policemen had joined the chase and he fell out of the car trying to get out.   I shuddered as Mrs. Florene told me all this.  I am just glad my friend is still alive and didn’t kill anybody. 


Word verification is off.  Sorry Jules!  I didn’t realize it was such an inconvenience and that is probably why my comments have dropped precipitously lately.   I mainly had it on to stop comment spam which I get a lot of in the archives.  We will see how this works. 

Attitude of Gratitude…

I am so excited and grateful that I am getting my contacts today.  Despite my doctor’s warning that I may not be able to see well with them, I am still hopeful and exuberant.  Because of the Keratacona, I just can’t see well with glasses and I hope these new lenses that correct astigmatism will alleviate that.  I am also extremely excited about grocery day.  Kroger has a new line of frozen meals and I told mom to get me a varied mix of 22 meals and four 2-liter diet 7up.  I hope mom will buy me some very interesting food. 


This IS The Fun Part! said...

That is so sad about George. He has been such a good friend for a long time. With any luck, he will behave himself and get out early. Mrs. Florene needs him.

Hooray for grocery day! I imagine it's always an adventure to dig into the sacks and see what you've got each week!

Hope your contacts work as you expect. Have a lovely day!

Love ya,

Jules said...

Ahhhhhh that's better. I could use a roving lawnmower guy! They're never around when you need one!

George will finally get sober. It's a good thing.

I hope something wonderful and unexpected happens for you today!

Matt said...

Can you set up a system to send reader letters of support to George so that he knows that there are people out here that not only worry about him, but care for his well being? Also, I think it would blow his mind and help his morale to receive these messages of support.

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Sir:

It is indeed sad about George. I suspect that part of the issue is that George's attempts to quell his drinking put him into a cycle where he would binge and drink far more than he was typically drinking before he tried to go on the wagon.


Joy Heather said...

Great idea from Matt about a support network for George..i also feel for Mrs Florene, its good you are taking her out and staying in touch...i'm sure she must really appreciate that.