Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Thoughts for the Blogging Day…

Manipulative I am Not…

I thought about Christina’s comment yesterday about me being manipulative with my mother all night.  I am so sensitive socially and it worried the shit outta me.  I decided I had done nothing wrong.  If I wanted to be manipulative then I would have lied and told my mother it had something to do with the Internet and that I couldn’t get online without it.  She wouldn’t have known the difference being completely clueless about such things and she knows all too keenly what the Internet and my journal mean to me.  She would have spent the money without question so I wouldn’t have to do without.  We would have went to Wal-Mart right then and there just to get me back on the internet. 

The Interesting People in my Life…

I ran into Charlie this morning on my way to get my diet Pepsi.  “Hey Andrew!” he said excitedly and happily upon seeing me as I rolled down the window of my car.  He was over at my late grandmother’s house unloading things into the basement. 

“Charlie?” I asked after getting out of my car. “Do you still have my home theater receiver in the basement?  I also need my subwoofer.”

We looked in my old den and there they sat.  I was so relieved.  The receiver I had been using is almost 20 years old and this receiver was my nice $500 dollar Dolby digital receiver I bought when I was married a few years ago.  I don’t know why I haven’t gotten them sooner.  I just haven’t been interested in home theater or TV for years, and now I am.  My pendulum is swinging much like mom’s it seems.

The Cord Conundrum…

“Dad?” I asked this morning after calling him on his cell phone.  He was driving to work. “Can I spend some extra money to buy some audio/visual cords for my home theater?  Mom only spent $38 dollars on my groceries yesterday so I would like to use the extra money for that.”

“Sure,” he said. “Why did your mother only spend $38 dollars?  Do you have enough food?  You all usually spend $85”

“My meals were on sale for $2 dollars each.  That’s why,” I replied.

“Your mother should have spent the whole $85 on the meals and we would have put some in the freezer at our house,  That was a good deal.”

“I guess she wasn’t thinking,” I said.

Back Peddling on the Digital Cable…

One of the bigger reasons I wanted digital cable besides the HDTV channels was to get BBC America.  I love British comedies and adore Eastenders and Coronation Street.  I was so dismayed when I realized BBC America was catering to an American Audience and didn’t have any of these wonderful programs on air.  Their programming, to be frank, is quite crappy.  I called my cable company this morning to cancel digital cable and all the HBO, Showtime, and Starz channels I was receiving. 

“Can I just get the 30 HDTV channels?” I asked. “I don’t want the digital cable lineup or the movie channels.”

“Sure,” the lady said. “It will only be ten extra dollars a month instead of forty.”

I sighed with relief and said to cancel the channels.  Within thirty minutes, I checked the TV and I am only receiving basic cable plus the HDTV channels.  Dad will be so proud of me for saving money. 


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Now I feel guilty! I do have to say that I'm glad it gave you something to think about, though.

How lucky that your old sound stuff was sitting waiting for you! That will be an interesting project getting everything hooked up together. I have trouble tying my shoes - and you make all this electronic stuff sound so easy!

Get your camera fixed! I miss seeing you!

Love ya,

Sharon said...

I don't think you were being manipulative of your Mom at all. I think it was just a case of knowing how her thought process works. I would never have interpreted what you said as manipulating her. Please don't let people upset you over their own shallow judgements.

kristi said...

People often make comments that upset me but it is only their opinion!

Anonymous said...

i do not think that you are manipulative. try not to ponder it just go on with your day and i hope that you having a good day. it went good for me to go to cova. i wish you had a cova near where you live. i am really tired tonight but it has been a good day. liz

justLacey said...