Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Thoughts for the Blogging Day…

Steak and Mashed Potatoes

That’s what I had for breakfast.  Half a steak and a heaping helping of warmed up mashed potatoes. It was so delicious and a great start to the day.  I feel so content.

Maggie’s been very busy this morning.  I heard this clamoring sound and the dog door was going crazy.  Maggie was trying to get her pound puppy inside.  I opened the back door and she came running in with it in her mouth.  A moment ago, I was laying on the bed reading a book.  I had taken off my shoes and socks and put them on the floor next to the bed.  I watching enthused as Maggie came in and got every sock, one at a time, and took them outside to play.  She has this fetish for my socks it seems.  I ran over one hidden in the weeds yesterday when I was cutting grass.  

“You’ve got to quit wearing those baseball caps all the time,” dad told me last night ever particular.  “When I was growing up, men didn’t wear hats inside and always took them off when coming in.  You have such beautiful hair, too, and you hide it under those caps.”

“The baseball caps are like Linuses comfort blankets to me,” I said pleading. 

There are just certain things I am not willing to give up and my baseball caps are one of them.  I consider them an accessory to my wardrobe and crucial to the image I am trying to portray – the mentally interesting socially anxious guy hiding under his cap. LOL

I didn’t drive over to get my diet sodas this morning.  Mom is going to obsess so badly today about that despite our talk last night at midnight.  I am so worried about withdrawal and headaches.  Will this set me into mentally interesting mode?


宗弘 said...

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Anonymous said...

hi andrew
i think that you will most likely get headaches from taking yourself off all caffaine. that was so great of you to tell your dad about the watch and that you plan to give it back to him. that is hard aa work. i hope that even with probably getting headaches from no caffaine and with thoughts about the watch that you have a good day. try to put the watch to the side of your thinking since you did great and things are alright. why dont you blog this evening letting us alk know how you are doing. liz