Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Thoughts at the End of the Blogging Day…

I CAN SEE!!! I realized today after putting on these soft contacts that correct astigmatism that I haven’t been able to see well for years.  Everything looks so new and fresh.  Crisp and vibrant!  My doctor was so excited when I told him I could see one hundred percent better than with my glasses.  I just couldn’t wear the hard contacts that were supposed to correct the Keratacona and the abnormality in the curvature of my cornea.  They felt like I had a grit of sand in my eye constantly.  I have mom to thank for this.  She fought for this only like a true soul with OCD would. 

Charlie has been by with my medications much to Maggie’s excitement.  She heard him pull up, recognized his car, and started squealing with joy.  Charlie is the favorite person in Maggie’s pack.  I had the WeatherNow channel on as we sat in my den.  “I just don’t get you and your father’s fascination with the weather,” he said. “Go look out the window!” I laughed. 

Dad is having a new computer system installed at the pharmacy tonight.  They have to do it when the store is closed so things will be ready to run for a new day of business tomorrow.  There is no telling how late he will be up working out the kinks.  “Please tell me you are running windows now and not DOS,” I said when he called me awhile ago to say Charlie was coming. He laughed nervously and said he wasn’t sure what operating system they were using.  That figures.  I would always know about such things being a computer geek. 


Jules said...

Isn't DOS extinct? It disappeared right before HTML became point and click, didn't it?

Andrew, I have been reading you forever plus a few years. You've got your mojo back dude! I love that.

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justLacey said...

I m excited to hear that you can see so much better with your contacts. Cool beans!

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Hi Andrew,

Can you please in one of your posts (so i don't miss it in a comment) tell us exactly what kind of contacts you now have? I also have astigmatism and can't tolerate hard contacts.

This is just a thought, but could your vision issues affect how you relate to society? When i am having a bad vision day i know i feel and act differently around people.