Monday, April 12, 2010

My Thoughts at the End of the Blogging Day…

The highlight of my birthday today was a call from my brother tonight.  “Oh, I just got in a fight with an ER doctor over a patient that needed special care,” my brother told me when I answered. He was really telling me all his problems and I listened intently.  I want to be close to my brother.  I admire him very much.  He was my chief advocate when we were children and we were inseparable.  We slept in the same room.  Shared the same toys.  Joined together in pine cone fights with the neighborhood kids.  He’s a good guy and someone I want in my life.

“Call him every day,” dad said. “If you can get over your phone and social anxieties.”

“I can’t call long distance on my phone,” I replied, reminding dad of his self imposed predicament.

I told dad to buy me a headset and microphone and I could call Alex using Skype on the computer for free.

This afternoon, i drove over to check on Mrs. Florene.  She completely surprised me and baked me a chocolate pie.  My favorite pie of all.  My grandmother used to would make a chocolate pie to die for.

“I love you,” she told me. “And I appreciate all you did in trying to get George sober.  He would be in worse shape without you.”

My heart melted and I gave her the longest hug.  We sat at the kitchen table drinking iced tea as she told me all about her day.  She got an email back from her sister in Ohio she said.

“I didn’t realize you had to click on it to read it,” she told me. “George’s computer is kind of hard to use.”

I smiled.  I told her the next thing I wanted to teach her was how to look up recipes using Google.  Her eyes lit up in interest.

Tonight, I cooked some hamburgers on the stove and cooked some ground beef for Maggie.  Mom also brought fast food Monday’s and the McDonald’s bag is still sitting on my piano.  Maggie will get both hamburgers in the morning when she has digested tonight’s ample meal.  I am off to sit in my lazy boy while I sip on ice cold Coca-Cola and smoke the cigarettes from the very expensive carton of Marlboro’s dad brought me tonight.  Thank you all for the kind and warm birthday wishes.  I appreciated it very much.  It just wouldn’t have been a good birthday without all the comments I got today. 


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! Another delightful day for my great friend!

Thanks for being you!
Love ya (and one more Happy Birthday),

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

ahhhh :) love the story of you and your brother :)
And lovely Florence :)
So lovely!!!!

kristi said...

Sounds like a good day!

Blogger said...

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