Friday, April 9, 2010

My Thoughts at the End of the Blogging Day…

Coca-Cola Anonymous…

I just called dad and left a message.  This is going to be interesting for tonight plus what happened below.  I asked for him to bring me home three Coca-Colas similar to what mom bought me today.  I am just flat out obsessed.  It probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I could just buy them, but I can’t, and it makes me want them all the more.  I had six diet Cokes this morning at seven.  Three 20oz Coca-Colas around three.  And now I am hoping to get more.  Dad is not as easy to finagle as mom, though.  I probably won’t get tonight’s.  He will probably just forget as he normally does after a busy day of work. 


“I love you, son,” dad just told me on the phone. “I am bringing you three Cokes.  You want regular or diet?”

“Diet,” I said sheepishly.

“No, you need regular,” dad said changing his mind. “You need to gain more weight.”


A Meal for Mrs. Florene…

Helen cooked for an army today.  I got mom to fix me an extra plate for Mrs. Florene.  I just drove over there awhile ago and she was already cooking liver and onions for supper.  She was glad to get the plate of food, though, and said she would have it for lunch tomorrow.  I didn’t stay but just a minute.  I mainly just wanted to see if she was okay.  She kind of berated me for not coming to breakfast this morning, though.  I just can’t seem to get it all together in the mornings and to be honest, I feel uncomfortable without George there.   I know I am being silly.  It is just that social anxiety stuff I deal with on a daily basis.   I told her I would be there in the morning and she made me promise.  She said we would have creamed tuna on toast which will be a treat for me.  My grandmother would always fix that when I was a child and she said I would dance excitedly around the kitchen table like little Indians while it cooked on the stove. 

Glasses for my Birthday?

I called mom a this afternoon and told her I would just get glasses for my birthday present from dad.

“Surely, you don’t want glasses for your birthday,” mom replied as one of my chief advocates. “I thought you wanted a grocery store shopping spree from your daddy and a meal out for your birthday.  You’re getting that iTunes gift card from me.”

I waffled back and forth.

“Talk to dad tonight and see what he says,” I told my mother. “I was just trying to save y’all some money because I was getting new glasses anyway.”

“I want you be able to buy some steaks, lots of beef jerky for Maggie, and Cheeze-its, and all the things you normally can’t afford with your grocery money on your budget,” mom told me and it was really swaying my mind.

“Ummm,  ribeyes,” I said wantonly. 

Mom laughed.

“Get you some steaks for the freezer and let your daddy pay for it,” mom finally told me. “I will pay for the glasses and the eye exam.  You are two years overdue for your exam and it is worrying me.”

Steaks it is it seems.  I would love to have a grocery store shopping spree.  It has been on my mind for days now.  I can’t wait to grill out and enjoy some of this fantastically beautiful weather we are having.   My neighbor was grilling hamburgers the other day and the smell just about drove me crazy. 

This is Just Typical for my Luck…

I was feeding Lucky tonight over at Joyce’s carport.  I put a can of cat food down and Lucky ran over to eat staying ever wary of me as usual.  Well, this gruff looking kinsfolk man of Joyce’s has been working on the house.    He has been tearing out the old pine paneling and putting up drywall.   When I was feeding Lucky, I noticed he had left a very large cooler on the carport and I was being nosey.  It was just full of Budweiser when I looked in.  One of my favorite upscale beers when I could afford it.  IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!  I needed a meeting tonight, but my social anxieties are really acting up with it being so close to my injection I think.   I am going to tell dad tonight and he will put the cooler in his car and carry it home and call Joyce’s sister and tell her to tell the man that his beer is safe.  He will do almost anything to keep me from drinking I hope.  I shouldn’t be so easily swayed by such things, but I am obsessing something fierce and there must have been over a case of beer in there on ice.  The man wouldn’t miss a few or twenty I keep thinking.  


Summer said...

What do you think it is about your obsession with cokes? Is it the caffeine or the bubbles? Do you feel overly thirsty? Can you put your finger on one thing in particular? Too many questions, I know.

Andrew said...

Summer, I love the taste mostly. I do love the jolt the caffeine gives as well. This morning, I drank six diet Cokes and it spurred me on to cleaning the kitchen. I had all this energy. It is probably because mom and dad control my intake as well and that makes me want them more.

Peg said...

Diet Coke is the nectar of the gods, in my opinion. Love the stuff.

Andrew said...

Peg, you are a woman of my own heart! :-)

Peg said...

Awww. Thanks. Enjoy the chemically-induced bubbles of gods.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Whew! Another busy day, huh?

I can't believe you got into that guy's cooler! But I'm delighted that you made the perfect decision on what to do.

Glad the kitty is hanging around! Maybe each time you feed him/her, you could set the food closer and closer to the screened porch door. Then you won't have to go to Joyce's to feed. Just set it right outside that door!

I know Mrs. Florene was happy to see you! She's probably lonely and worried about George - and needs someone to pamper a little!

Don't you dare complain if you have trouble sleeping! After all that Coke today you might not sleep until tomorrow!

You cracked me up when you yelled, "YEE HAW!" My husband wanted to know what was so funny! I was laughing too hard to explain!

Have a great night! See ya tomorrow, dear!


Joy Heather said...

I love diet coke, its even better than the normal ones for me..but i also like the caffeine free one as well..with ice and some lemon..wonderful..I think it is very easy to get addicted to it, i worry sometimes for one of my grandchildren..she drinks cans of it all day..but i think the whole family have a problem with it as whenever i go to visit they have got about 30 x 12 packs piled up in the garage ( only 4 people live in the house) you are not alone, its just so nice .

Andrew said...

Joy, I would drink them all day long if mom and dad would let me. I have been drinking a lot of cranberry juice these past few days as a substitute for the cokes. They say cranberry is good for the kidneys.

Joy Heather said...

Yes i beleive it is..i like that too..and we have another juice drink here called...Rubicon Pineapple and Coconut..with Ice in the summer it is just wonderful, and i could very easily become addicted to that..( i must admit that a little bit of Malibu in it as well goes down a treat..Lol) but it is lovely on its own...with loads of ice.